• Student Council and Class Officers


    NMBHS Student Council and Class Officers

    Class officers are elected in the spring. Candidates are required to meet a set of guidelines as stated in the Student Council's Constitution. All officers are expected to work closely with their classmates and sponsors. The primary function of Student Council is to help unify the student body by being receptive to students' ideas, suggestions, and opinions concerning their school life and activites.

    The Student Council officers for the 2017-2018 school year are as follows:

    Freshmen Student Council


    President—Alyssa Elliott

    Vice President—Kimberly Cervantes-Diaz

    Secretary—Jenna Downey

    Treasurer—Erin Andrews


    Sophomore Student Council


    Sophomore Officers


    President—India Robledo

    Vice President—Lauren Teal

    Secretary—Emphasis Crawford

    Treasurer—Cypress Heniford


    Junior Student Council


    Junior Officers


    President—Eden Fowler

    Vice President—Jack Baldwin

    Secretary—Emma Keiner

    Treasurer—Brennyn Porter

    Student Body President Elect—Michelle Shoup


    Senior Student Council


    Senior Officers


    President—Lauren Hershelman

    Vice President—Grayson Rowles

    Secretary—Summer Rately

    Treasurer—Derion Conyers

    Student Body President—Emily Barbosa