• Easy Access to apply to all SC Colleges


    October is College Application Month for the state of South Carolina.  Use the link to access a PDF that shows all the public and private colleges in South Carolina and other states.  It provides a link to take you straight to the institution's application.  Waiver codes do expire for different applications.  If you apply after the month of October, we cannot guarantee that the fee waiver codes will work.

    College Application Month Links and Information


    SC CAN GO- stands for South Carolina students can go to college.  It could be a two year institution or a four year instition, but there is something for all.  The link below shares access information to all institutions who service South Carolina. 



    Most Colleges are giving students the choice to apply test optional for this year only, but are requesting test scores if they are available.  Dates for the ACT and SAt are included in the form below.

    ACT and SAT Test Dates for 2020-2021