• Attendance Policy

    Students are allowed 10 unexcused days per school year only for promotion to the next grade. This means that if your child misses more than the allowed amount of absences, he/she will be retained in the same grade the following year.
    Parent notes are NOT an excused note although we do ask that you send a note or email or call.
    Excused notes are: (with proper documentation and medical notes will be verified)
    B-Bereavement for immediate family members, E-Excused, G-Guidance, J-Court, K-Religion, M-Medical/Dental (dental for half hour before the appointment and half hour after for travel), and P-Principal approved (with PRIOR arrangements made with Principal)

    Please note:
    Upon three (3) consecutive or five (5) total unlawful absences, attempts will be made to establish contact with you to arrange a conference. During the conference, a written plan called an AIP will be developed with you, your child, and the school so that all have a clear understanding regarding the future attendance of your child.
    After a meeting is held and the student is unlawfully absent again, he/she will be referred to the District’s Attendance Coordinator. The Attendance Coordinator may refer the student to Family Court for a motion for court-ordered attendance. No student who is lawfully absent will be referred.
    Please also note in middle and high schools, period attendance is taken, which means each period the teacher takes attendance on the computer.  Students are counted absent for EACH period they miss and these count as one day in that class. For example, if you sign in late and miss the first period but attend the rest of the day, you still have an absence in first block class and this will count as one of your ten allowed in that class. However, if you bring a dental, medical or other excused documentation, this will be marked as an excused absence in that period.

    What is Truancy and what is considered an unlawful absence?

    Tardies-your child is tardy after 8:20 a.m. 

    He/she must be in homeroom and accounted for before the tardy bell rings or they will be issued a tardy and upon the 3rd tardy he/she will receive lunch detention. Please refer to your student handbook for further details regarding detentions, ISS, etc. for tardies.

    Late Arrivals (Please report to the Attendance Office)

    Late arrivals do impact your child’s attendance negatively if not accompanied by a medical, dental or judicial note that needs to be turned into the attendance clerk. If you have any questions, please contact the Attendance Clerk.