• Breakfast and Lunch

    Elementary School Breakfast Prices:

    Breakfast Full Pay -

    Daily: $1.10

    Semester: $99.00

    Annual: $198


    Breakfast Reduced -

    Daily: $.30

    Semester: $27.00

    Annually: $54.00


    Elementary School Lunch Prices:

    Lunch Full Pay -

    Daily: $2.50

    Semester: $225.00

    Annual: $450.00


    Lunch Reduced -

    Daily: $.40

    Semester: $36.00

    Annually: $72.00


    Click to view our Lunch Menus. This will take you to the HCS Food Services page.

    Horry County Schools offers a free and reduced lunch program. If you are interested in more information contact Dewan Vinson our Cafeteria Manager, or click to take you to the Free and Reduced Lunch online application.