• The 7 Smarts



    As a result of his studies into how students learn, Howard Gardner has identified seven different means of acquiring information or "intelligences":

    • Bodily-kinesthetic- the ability to control body motions and manipulate objects.
    • Interpersonal- the ability to influence others.
    • Intrapersonal- ability to think about thinking.
    • Verbal-Linguistic- the ability to format thoughts along with a good command of the language.
    • Logical- mathematical- the ability to discern logical or numerical patterns.
    • Musical-Rhythmic- the ability to translate the sounds of nature or those created in the head into patterns of music.
    • Spatial- the ability to judge and use position or other objects in relation to other persons or objects.

    Each of us has some of all of the intelligences. We have our own unique combination of each but the degree of expertise in each varies widely. The specific intelligence areas will change over time. In fact, you can "grow" or develop skills in an area which is weak.