• Procedures

    Report all injuries immediately (within 24 hours) to a supervisor, or other authority at school if immediate supervisor is available.

    If this is an emergency, call an ambulance.  If not, send the injured employee to the school nurse.  If unavailable, contact bookkeeper.  If neither is available, follow directions under the bookkeeper's section. 

    Supervisors will send injured employees to you for an initial assessment. The nurse will enter incident information into HealthOffice and print the Incident Detail Report (209) fax a copy to Workers' Comp Specialist at the District Office (fax# 843-488-6850) and submit to the bookkeeper to become a part of the workers' comp case file.

    If there is a blood exposure contact Tammy Trulove and send the employee to the approved physician.

    • Instruct the injured employee to return after their doctor’s visit to see the bookkeeper
    • If the employee requires emergency medical care, make arrangements and notify Workers' Comp Specialist(843-488-6850) within 24 hours.

    Unless emergency care is required, the incident report and medical information authorization and release are to be filled out at this time by the employee, signed and left with you.  If the employee needs outside medical treatment, complete the Notice to Provider form and a Pharmacy Authorization form and send it with the employee to one of the following: 

    Approved Physicians:
    Any Office of Doctor’s Care

    If the injured employee does not return with the Notice to Provider (i.e. doctor’s note) within 24 hours, call Workers' Comp Specialist (843-488-6850).  When the employee does return make sure the doctor’s note indicates work status and date of the next follow-up visit (if any).  Fax incident report, medical information authorization, witness statements (if any), and doctor’s note to Workers' Comp Specialist at 843-488-6850 within 24 hours.  Make note of any follow-up doctor’s visits and follow-up after that date to obtain a doctor’s note from the employee that will contain a revised work status.  Fax to Workers' Comp Specialist within 24 hours.

    Goals for service that should be met are:

    • 24-hour reporting of injury by the employee to the school/worksite
    • 24-hour reporting of injury to Workers' Comp Specialist
    • Work status of employee maintained and tracked by the school