• What is PBIS?

    What is PBIS?

    Positive Behavior and Intervention Support

    PBIS is an ongoing process for creating safer and more effective schools.  All faculty, staff, administration, including substitutes, teach, re-teach, and model our school wide behavior plan (matrix).  PBIS is used to let students know they are meeting school expectations.

    -  Staff circulates through the classroom, giving large group and individual positive reinforcement when they see expectations being met.

    -  Staff scans the room at all times, reinforcing when students are meeting the expectations and redirecting when students are not.  Being specific in both praise and redirection about what they should be seeing and hearing.

    - Staff reminds students gently and respectfully when they are NOT meeting expectations and redirect by stating the expectation.  Staff will be specific about what the expectations should look and sound like.

    -  Staff delivers corrective feedback calmly, immediately, and consistently. 

    -  Staff monitors expectations everyday, all day and give positive feedback frequently.