• PBIS Incentives

    For the Individual:
    Each student has a personal card with 25 squares. A student can receive a stamp on a square when they show positive behavior based on the behavior matrix. Students who do not have their card with them will receive a token. Their card will be stamped for each token they receive. Each Friday, students with a full card may choose a prize from The Prize Hive. These include pencils, erasers, tattoos and other prizes.

    For the Class:
    Each class also has a class card with 25 squares. An entire class that shows good procedures can receive a class stamp. When the class card is full, the class may choose from a variety of rewards including a Hat Day, Pajama Day, or extra recess.

    No Referral Celebrations
    At the end of each quarter, those students who have had no office referrals and 2 or less blue notes are invited to a No Referral Celebration. These celebrations are varied and in the past have included jumping on inflatables, a bubble gum grab, a sock hop, movie time, and a fall carnival with horse-back riding.