• Dental Benefits

    The State Dental Plan is free to employees with a small premium to cover eligible dependents. The plan pays 100% of allowable charges for diagnostic and preventive procedures. There is a $25 per calendar year deductible for basic fillings, simple extractions, oral surgery, etc. There is a $1,000 per person maximum benefit for each benefit year. Orthodontia is limited to eligible covered dependent children under the age of 19. Allowable charges are covered at 50% with a $1,000 maximum benefit per lifetime for each covered child.

    The Dental Plus Plan is paid for by the employee and offers a higher level of dental coverage for the same services covered under the State Dental Plan, except Orthodontia. There are no additional deductibles and coinsurance and no additional claims to file. Combined Dental & Dental Plus plan maximum per person per benefit plan year is $2,000.

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