• Maternity

    If you or your covered spouse become pregnant:

    1. Review the information for maternity on page 63 of the PEBA benefit guide.
    2. Complete the Family Medical Leave Application and submit to Human Resources
    3. Read the following information explaining how FMLA affects your benefits and pay:

             FMLA is job protection only.  Being approved for FMLA does not mean that your pay and benefits will automatically continue.  Your pay will stop if you use all of your available leave.  If you return to work after being on un-paid leave, your pay will be recalculated based on the remaining days in your work schedule.  Your pay will be reduced for the remainder of your pay schedule.

               While on FMLA, you are required to use all of your available leave to continue your pay and benefits as long as possible.  Once Payroll and Benefit Services is notified that you are on leave, we will recalculate your compensation and send you a letter explaining how your pay will be affected.  If your pay ends before you return to work, you will be responsible for paying HCS for your insurance premiums to keep your benefits active.  A benefits bill will be mailed to your address. If you have any questions about the bill, use the contact information included with the bill to speak with a benefits manager. It is imperative that you stay in contact with Payroll and Benefit Services to ensure your benefits are not canceled during your leave.

    4. Don't forget to add your newborn to your insurance.  You have 30 days from their date of birth to add them to your coverage. You can initiate this by logging into the MyBenefits website, and selecting Make A Change, then choosing NEWBORN as your reason. You may also contact Payroll and Benefit Services to help you through the enrollment process. (843) 488-6840