• After School Art Club Colorful

    Kids in 4th & 5th Grade can participate in our After School Art Classes!

    Art Club is an opportunity for students to create challenging art pieces that are not a part of the regular classroom projects. This is optional and is intended for students who show potential and/or exceptional talent in art. The club is only held a few months out of the year either in fall and/or spring. This is invitational only for students who do their personal best every day, have good behavior and a willingness to be challenged. However, if your child has any behavior problems and is not doing their personal best, your child may not have this opportunity or be removed from the after school program. This is an additional, free, fun opportunity that I look forward to sharing with the students. If a student cannot follow expectations and rules they cannot participate. There are only 30 students that can be chosen in grades 4-5 combined for each session. You must be able to provide transportation for your child to be picked up at 4:00. Students not picked up on time may not be able to attend the afterschool program. There will be a sign up for students who are interested at the beginning of the year. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
    Dawn Hodges
    Art Teacher, Riverside Elementary