• Sick Leave Bank

    NOTICE: Sick Leave Bank members will have one day of their sick leave deducted from their balance for coverage during the calendar year. If you have used all available sick leave, your pay will be reduced by the value of your sick leave contribution.  
    Sick Leave Bank
    Horry County Schools has established a Sick Leave Bank ("Bank")  for active duty employees who earn sick leave.  The purpose of the Bank is to provide leave for employees who experience catastrophic illness or accidents that require absences which exceed their accrued leave but do not activate long-term disability insurance provisions.
    Each year, members of the Bank contribute a portion of their earned sick leave to fund the bank.
    More information about the Sick Leave Bank is located in the Employee Handbook.

    Sick Leave Bank Enrollment
    Enrollment is voluntary. New employees have 31 days from their date of hire to enroll in the Bank. Employees who initially choose not to participate in the Bank may enroll during October of subsequent years and will have a one-year waiting period before becoming eligible to submit an application for use of Bank days. However, the employee must contribute a number of days (maximum of 4 days) equal to those he/she would have contributed had he/she been a member since the initial enrollment opportunity at hiring.
    Membership may be cancelled during the annual October enrollment period.  Sick Leave Bank Enrollment / Cancellation Form

    If you have additional questions regarding the Sick Leave Bank, please contact Payroll and Benefit Services at 843-488-6840 or payroll@horrycountyschools.net