• Voluntary Benefits

    Below is a high-level description of the voluntary benefits that will be available to HCS employees through our agreement with Keenan and Suggs / Ward Services. They replace the previous insurance offerings from vendors such as AFLAC; *Horace Mann; Liberty National, *New York Life; Performance Matters; Colonial; Humana.*also a 403b vendor

    These policies are only available from our vendor,  Ward Service. They can be reached at 1-800-673-6472.

    The HCS Benefits staff cannot enroll you in the voluntary benefits listed below.

    Trustmark Universal Life with Long Term Care:

    • One Product – Two Benefits: combines the benefits of both Life and Long Term Care coverage
    • Includes built-in affordable “Living Benefit”, Long Term Care coverage
    • Guaranteed Issue opportunities available – no underwriting questions or test
    • Ability to automatically increase your benefit amount without additional test or underwriting

    Trustmark Critical Illness with Cancer combination:

    • Covers over 20 illnesses including heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and cancer
    • Provides the ability to select a Single Cash Benefit between $5,000 and $20,000 in addition to your health insurance
    • Level premiums meaning rates don’t increase because of age
    • Ability to automatically increase your benefit amount without additional test or underwriting

    Allstate Cancer:

    • Provides a cash benefit, in addition to your health insurance, when diagnosed with cancer
    • Can help cover the cost of specific treatments and expenses as they happen
    • Offers protection for hospitalization, radiation/chemotherapy, surgery, lodging, and transportation, etc.
    • Affordable premiums and the benefit paid directly to the employee

    Trustmark Short Term Disability:

    • Disability Income insurance protects your future by going to work when you can’t
    • Provides a benefit for rent or mortgage, credit card and car payments, child care, insurance co-pays, and deductibles, etc.
    • Covers for total disability due to pregnancy and non-occupational sickness and/or injury
    • Benefits are paid at the same frequency of your paycheck

    Allstate Accident:

    • Covers all accidents including sports injuries
    • Specific benefits for specific medical needs or services
    • Wellness Benefits for doctor visits
    • Benefits paid in addition to the health plan and directly to the employee unless assigned to someone else