• Science


    The Scholars Academy science department believes that science is a method of learning about the physical universe by applying the principles of scientific inquiry, which includes making empirical observations, proposing hypotheses to explain those observations, and testing those hypotheses in valid and reliable ways. Science is also, therefore, the organized body of knowledge that results from scientific inquiry.

    It is our goal to maximize the potential of gifted and talented students by providing challenging opportunities that match the unique characteristics and needs of these students. Through our program of honors and advanced placement courses, students are expected to master the fundamental concepts of each scientific field through inquiry-based learning and to challenge them to explore topics beyond the required curriculum. It is also our hope to see all students become involved in their own personal research projects as upperclassmen, which may include the opportunity to work in conjunction with professors from Coastal Carolina University.

    All honors courses are designed to follow South Carolina State Standards. The full text of these standards and support documents can be found on the South Carolina Department of Education website:   SC Science Standards