• Vision and Beliefs

    Vision: Seaside Elementary School’s vision is to provide an excellent education through high quality teaching and learning in a supportive environment where our students are successful academically and become lifelong learners and productive citizens.

    Our Beliefs: Our vision is guided by a set of beliefs that serve as the foundation of all our efforts.


    Foremost, we believe that our purpose is to develop the potential of each student and ensure that all graduates become productive members of their community, able to adapt to a diverse, ever-changing world.  We also believe that we put service to students above all else.


    • We take responsibility for the success of all students.
    • We care passionately about our work with children.
    • We build strong positive relationships with students, staff, parents, and community.
    • We model and promote civility and integrity.


    We must also provide support for continuous improvement for students and staff.  We believe that our students’ learning opportunities are enhanced when multiple approaches for learning are provided and positive relationships are formed.  We also believe that all who share our school deserve a safe, respectful and nurturing environment.