• Attendance Information

    Please refer to the HCS Attendance/Truancy Information webpage for specific information on attendance during the 2023-24 school year.

    An absence is defined as non-attendance on a regularly scheduled school day.  Absences are not automatically excused.  Students are expected to bring absence notes, signed by a parent, guardian, or doctor to their teacher when they return from an absence.  When a student has five unlawful absences or has missed three consecutive days, an intervention conference will be held with the parent, the student, and an administrator.  A student who has 10 or more absences during the school year may be subject to retention.

    Students shall be allowed to make up major assignments and other work missed during his/her absences.  Teachers will need a 24-hour notice to prepare work.  Excused absences (those that do not count against 10-day law) include legal excuses, illness of the student documented by a physician or dentist, death in the immediate family doctor appointments, religious holidays, or principal-approved absence.

    Vacation days are considered unlawful absences and will not be excused.  Parents must notify the attendance clerk, in writing, prior to the trip and attend a parent conference upon returning.