• Teacher-of-the-Year

     We congratulate all of the Teachers-of-the-Year for Seaside Elementary School!

    Angie DiMuccio, 3rd Grade 2016

    Darcy Jones, 1st Grade

    HCS Top 10 Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist

    Bric Hatfield, 5th Grade 2014
                    Claire Darnell, 5th Grade                      2013     
    Beth Hadden, 5th Grade 2012

    Michelle Arnold, Physical Education

    HCS Top 5 Teacher of the Year Finalist

    Margret Carmichael, 3rd Grade 2010
    Debra Sutcliffe, Kindergarten 2009
    Katherine Roberts, 4th Grade 2008
    Duke Brown, Physical Education 2007
    Beverly Moretz, Kindergarten 2006
    Chris Tuton, 2nd Grade 2005
    Carol Anthony, 4th Grade 2004
    Angie DiMuccio, Special Education 2003
    Colleen Keen, 4th Grade 2002
    Cotielia Green, 2nd Grade 2001
    Mendy Haldi, 5th Grade 2000
     Lynn Weldon, Preschool Special Education   1999
    Sandy Skerl, 5th Grade   1998  
    Janet Jarae, 1st Grade 1997
    Janice Heilman, 4th Grade 1996

    We congratulate all of the Support-Staff-of-the-Year for Seaside Elementary School!

    Gayla Antrican, Special Education Assistant 2016
    Gary Elmore, Custodian 2015

    Liz Hinkle, Bookkeeper

    HCS Top 5 Support Staff of the Year Finalist

    Gail Revisky, Instructional Assistant 2013
                    Judy Stoffa, Cafeteria Assist. Manager                      2012