• Tips for Selecting Books

     To help you select just the right book try the finger finger rule

    1. Open the book to somewhere in the middle and select a full page of text.
    2. Hold up 1 finger for every word you cannot pronounce or do not understand.
    3. If you get 5 fingers on one page that book may be too difficult for you to read independently.
    4. If you do not put up any fingers but are reading very slowly and having to decode many words, you probably will not enjoy the book.
    5. 3 fingers can be a difficult choice. If the book's summary sound great, then enjoy the book.
    6. 1 or 2 fingers, you have found the right one


    Selecting Books - Tips
    Check the cover. Does the dust jacket catch your eye? However, don't judge the book only by its cover
    Read the summary on the inside flap or the back. Does the book sound like something you would enjoy?
    Look at theillustrations and skim the text. Do the words and pictures make an interesting combination?