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    Personalized Digital Learning
    The Vision of Horry County Schools’ Personal Digital Learning To transform teaching and learning by immersing all students in rich, authentic, relevant, personalized digital learning experiences that lead to college and career readiness and enable deeper learning across the disciplines.
    The Technology Fee
    2023-2024 School Year High School Grades 9-12 All students in grades 9-12 have a Technology Fee of $25 for the full academic year, due at the time of registration. The fee may be paid online or in person at the appropriate school.
    Students Grades 9-12 who PAY the Technology Fee:
    • are allowed to take the devices home • pay an additional $25 for the first accidental damage repair, $50 for the second accidental damage repair and full cost of repair for all subsequent accidental damage repairs during the academic year • pay an additional $25 for device replacement due to theft (requires police report) • pay full repair cost for all damage caused by neglect or abuse • pay full replacement cost for loss due to neglect
    Students Grades 9-12 who DO NOT PAY the Technology Fee:
    • are allowed to use the device only at school • pay full repair costs for all accidental damage • pay full replacement cost for loss due to theft • pay full repair cost for all damage caused by neglect or abuse • pay full replacement cost for loss due to neglect
    Any electronic device used for picture taking, video recording, posting or text messaging that results in students cheating or which cause major disruptions will result in additional discipline at the principal’s discretion. Technology disciplinary offenses may also result in restricted use of the personalized digital learning device and/or technology. Restricted use may prohibit the student from taking the device off of school grounds.
    When using network or lnternet resources, students will:
    • Use the lnternet for legitimate educational purposes • Send e-mail only at the direction of teacher during school hours • Not attempt to download or save files to the device without teacher permission • Not search for, download or print any material that violates school handbook codes regarding possession or display of inappropriate, offensive or vulgar material, or assist any other student in such activities • Not harass, insult, or attack others via electronic communications • Not damage or alter computers, computer systems, computer networks or mobile devices • Not violate copyright laws • Not trespass in another’s folders, work, files or devices
    Examples of types of offenses:
    • lllegal installation or transmission of copyrighted materials • Unauthorized use of lnternet or computer games • Unauthorized recording of audio or video images on school property or during extracurricular activities with district or personally owned devices • Downloading inappropriate materials or applications • Giving out personal information, for any reason, over the lnternet • Bypassing the Horry County Schools Web filter • Action violating existing board poliry or public law • Deleting district system applications and changing of personalized digital learning device settings (exceptions include personal settings such as font size, brightness, etc.) • Sending, transmitting, accessing, uploading, downloading, or distributing obscene, offensive, profane, threatening, pornographic, obscene or sexually explicit materials • Use of chat rooms or sites selling term papers, book reports and other forms of student work • Spamming (disruptive email, messages including iMessages) • Gaining access to another student’s accounts, files and/or data • Use of the schools lnternet or email accounts for financial gain, commercial gain or any illegal activity • Vandalism (any malicious attempt to harm or destroy district owned equipment or systems) • Transmission or access of obscene, offensive or threatening materials or materials intended to harass or demean another The administration reserves the right to handle any of the above actions or any other action determined to be a misuse of technology in the manner they feel is the most appropriate for all concerned. For additional information on acceptable use of technology, please refer to the Horry County Schools Technology Acceptable Use Policy/Rule. Once in possession of the Personal Mobile Device Agreement, the student agrees to the stipulations set forth in the Horry County Schools’ Acceptable Use Policy and the Student Pledge for Use of the personalized digital learning device. District-owned devices are subject to inspection at any time without notice and remain the property of Horry County Schools. Stolen devices must be reported within 48 hours, and a police report must be filed by the student or parent.