• dress code

  • Dress Code

    Student Dress Code

    Student dress should be confined to clothes that are reasonable, practical, and in good taste for school. The school will make judgment and decisions as needed to preserve the health and safety of students, Attire must not disrupt the learning environment and must not be immodest, obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, indecent, or offensive.

    • When required, students must wear school appropriate mask.
    • Hats, head wraps, bandannas, headgear, hoods, and sunglasses are prohibited inside school buildings.
    • No sagging pants are permitted to be worn. Clothing will be worn so that underwear is not visible. Pants must be worn at the waist. Pants and shirt must overlap at all times.
    • Clothing which is controversial or disruptive is not allowed.
    No pajamas are allowed.
    • See-through clothing, spaghetti strap tops, tube tops, form-fitting pants (such as yoga pants and tight skirts and dresses), cut-off shirts, halters, or clothes exposing the mid-section or bare shoulders are not allowed. All tight “spandex” clothing is inappropriate. Shirts and blouses are to be buttoned appropriately. All tops must have a shoulder strap of two fingers in width on each shoulder. It is never appropriate to show undergarments. Shirts that are sleeveless should show no more than 3 inches below the underarm unless another shirt is worn underneath. No straps should be showing.
    • Shorts, skirts, and dresses, even with leggings, must NOT be shorter than the length of a dollar bill from the very top of the knee upward at all times. Slits/holes in clothing must also be no shorter than the dollar bill length from the top of the knee upward. Soffe shorts, cutoffs, bathing suits, and short shorts are not appropriate at school and are not to be worn at school at any time. Leggings must be covered with a top that meets the length of the dollar bill from the top of the knee requirement.
    • Shoes/sandals are to be worn at all times at school. No bedroom shoes or “heelies” are allowed. • Hair styles are left to the individual but cannot be an educational distraction. Health standards require cleanliness at all times.
    • Clothing promoting alcohol, drugs or paraphernalia, tobacco, weapons, sexual behavior, clothing with sexual innuendoes, and/or ethnic derogatories is not allowed. The administrative staff has the authority to make judgments in this regard.
    • Items such as spiked jewelry (including body piercings), padlocks, chains, and metal heel plates are not allowed.

    Dress code will be checked at each door in the morning. Students who are in violation of the dress code policy will be required to correct the violation. A parent will be contacted. Students who cannot correct the dress code violation will be sent to ISS until the violation is corrected. Students will be assigned appropriate disciplinary consequences for each dress code violation. Parents who choose to have their students go home to change clothes must understand that students will be counted as unexcused for the time period they are not in school.

    Dress for success!