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    Locker Information


     1 – 150                FIN COURT
                                D Wing -Downstairs

    150 – 296             JAWS COURT
                               C Wing- Downstairs

    297 – 548            HAMMERHEAD AVENUE
                                F Wing- Upstairs

    549 – 806            BULLHEAD AVENUE
                                E & F Wing – Upstairs     (Football Field End) 

    807 – 1028          SANDBAR AVENUE
                                E Wing – Upstairs

     1029 – 1298       GREAT WHITE WAY
                                E & F Wing – Upstairs  (Cafeteria End)

    Lockers for upperclassmen are provided upon student request. Freshmen will be assigned a locker. A student’s locker combination should not be given to anyone else. Any damage to the locker will be the responsibility of the person to whom it is assigned. All lockers are school property and are subject to inspection without notice. Lockers should not be shared. You are responsible for everything in your locker. Nothing should be attached to the inside or outside of lockers.