• Student Parking

    Student Parking
    SJHS students who are given the privilege of driving an automobile to/from school are required to adhere to all SJHS, Horry County School District, and South Carolina driver regulations/laws. Since driving an automobile to school is a privilege, certain conditions are attached to that privilege. Students who fail to uphold these conditions will be subject to monetary fines and/or loss of parking privileges. The conditions are as follows:

    • Student drivers with a valid SC driver’s license will be given permission to drive on the SJHS campus. No parking permit will be issued until all outstanding debts and registration are paid.

    • Students will purchase a school parking permit which will be placed on the vehicle’s front windshield in the bottom left corner — no exceptions. Cars without permits will be fined/towed. The parking permit fee for the 2017-2018 school year is $20 for the first vehicle and $10 for a second vehicle. Registration applications must be completed along with a copy of the student’s SC driver’s license and SC registration. Seniors will receive a free parking pass if they complete all information by the designated date which will be given to seniors on the first day of school. Seniors must pay for additional passes.

    1. No car is to be parked outside the assigned student parking area from the times 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

    2. No students are to park their cars in the bus/front parking lots, behind the building, or in the rider drop-off areas. A $10 fine will be assessed.

    3. Students are to obey all traffic laws, signs, and markings while on campus. Speeding and reckless driving are prohibited. Violations will result in loss of driving privileges.

    4. Students are not to litter the parking lot.

    5. Students are prohibited from driving across parking lines. Students must use driving lanes only to enter or to exit parking lot.

    6. Students are to maintain a 5 mph speed limit while driving on campus.

    7. Disciplinary consequences for students without a valid SJHS decal include: 1st offense-warning; 2nd offense-$10 fine and call to parent; 3rd offense-loss of driving/parking privileges, $10 fine and call to parent; 4th offense-loss of driving/parking privileges for 15 school days, $10 fine, call to parent, and the possibility

    Parking Decals
    If anyone drives on campus & parks without a 2017-2018 decal will be ticketed. Students should not park up front in the staff parking unless authorized to do so with administrators. Senior parking is designated with painted blue lines if you are not a senior do not park there. Pay attention to the speed limit in the parking lot and around Shark Loop (The road that goes around the school) be careful entering and exiting the school on and off of Salem Road.

    If at anytime a student needs to purchase a parking decal they should see Athletic Director Paula Lee during lunch in the athletic office. Parking Applications are located at the welcome desk and outside the athletic office.

    All vehicles parked on campus must have a 2017-2018 decal displayed on the bottom left driver side front windshield.

    Neon yellow – seniors
    Neon green - underclassmen
    Neon pink - staff

    Parking Application