• Tardy Policy

    Tardy Policy
    Students are expected to arrive to school and to class on time. Tardiness is defined as not being inside the assigned classroom when the tardy bell rings. When the tardy bell rings teachers will close their doors, and hall sweeps will be conducted.

    Tardiness will be excused for the following reasons:

    • Late bus

    • Illness substantiated by a written excuse from doctor or dentist

    • Offical legal document

    • Circumstances approved by the principal or designee

    Cumulative unexcused tardies will be dealt with in the following manner:

    • 1st Incident: Warning

    • 2nd Incident: Warning

    • 3rd Incident: Warning

    • 4th Incident: Warning

    • 5th Incident: 3 lunch detentions or AM/PM detention

    • 6th Incident: Block of detention during class in which student received 6th incident

    • 7th Incident: 1 day ISS or 1 Saturday school assignment

    • 8th Incident: 5 lunch detentions

    • 9th Incident: 1 day OSS

    • 10th Incident: 2 days ISS

    • 11th Incident: Administrative decision and student will be referred to attendance and/or guidance for an intervention plan

    Lunch detentions will be served in the ISS area in the cafeteria.

    Saturday school is 8-11 a.m. If student misses assigned Saturday school, he or she will be assigned consequences.