• Marketing



    Grade Level: 10-12
    Credit: 1 Unit
    Instructor: Kevin B. Randall
    Prerequisite: Integrated Business Applications I
    Description: This course introduces marketing concepts; examines economic, marketing and business fundamentals; and provides an overview of the marketing functions of selling, promotion, and distribution. Human resource fundamentals are included.


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    Soft Skills

    *Assignments must be created, not downloaded. Before you begin assignments please research Soft Skills to gain knowledge on the subjects.  Be as detailled as possible on each assignments.  Research each topic. 

    Assignment 1
    Create a 5 Slide PPT covering the following subjects:

    • What are soft skills?
    • Why are soft skills important?
    • Provide 3 scenarios in which soft skills were/were not used and explain what went right or wrong.
    • Apply to life: Explain a time where you have practiced Soft Skills.
    • Present a problem and solve that problem using the learned techniques of Soft Skills.

    Assignment 2
    You are a manager at a cooperate office hiring the best-skilled employee, create a PPT representing 4 individuals for an interview, introducing employees with the best soft skills, and the least soft skills. Explain why or why not each employee may or may not be picked for the job based on their actions.

    Assignment 3

    Using Word, create a page script of a conversation between an employer and an employee. Make sure to represent good use of soft skills. Be creative and include many interactions between the employer and the employee.

    Assignment 4
    Using Word, List 10 soft skills employers want the most and explain / define each

    Assignment 5
    Using Word, Describe why soft skills are so important during the interview process and how important for students to learn soft skills.

    Define hard skills and soft skills and compare / Explain the need for balance


    Marketing--What is it?  Why is it so important?  Names different types of Marketing / Markets / Targets / Merchandise/ Placement / Location
    Please be as detailed as possible


    Create a Word Document and include each topic listed below and follow the outline to complete. Detail items will be given for each topic.  You will find your information researching the Internet.  Creative writing will be a big part of your web site.  Research the topics and put into your own words.  DO NOT COPY & PASTE.  That is CHEATING!!!  You cannot steal someone else's work.

    Complete bullets listed under the topic and include these on each of your pages. Make sure to complete the activities included with each subject, understand the vocabulary and remember to complete the questions at the end.

    Topic 1: Business and Marketing Fundamentals

    • What is Marketing?
      1. Activity: Have each student write down their definition of marketing without using the internet or resources.
    • Explain and Understand Marketing Concepts
      1. Activity: Explain each foundation and provide and example of each.
    • List the seven functions of marketing
      1. Activity: Explain each function and provide an example and illustration of each.
    • Analyze the benefits of marketing and its importance to the economy
      1. Activity: Give some examples of how marketing affects you in the world
    • Describe the concept of marketing
      1. Activity: Select two products that you use everyday in your life. Specify who you believe the product is marketed and how the pricing decision is made. Include a picture of each product.
    • Differentiate between consumer and industrial markets
      1. Activity: Explain the differences between the two and use pictures to help you explain
    • Describe market share
    • Define target market
    • List the components of the marketing mix

    Vocabulary: Marketing, Marketing Concept, Market Share, Target Market, Marketing Mix, Industrial Market, Consumer Market, Market

    Complete the following questions:
    1.   Name two ideas that can be marketed.
    2.   Where do exchanges take place?
    3.    How does marketing help lower prices?
    4.    What is the main difference between consumers and industrial users?
    5.    Name the four P’s of the marketing mix and explain the importance of a target market for each of them.


    Topic 2: SWOT Analysis


    • What is SWOT Analysis?

    1.      Activity: Provide a definition of SWOT Analysis and tell what it is used for

    • Hands-on with SWOT Analysis

    1.      Activity: Research SWOT Analysis and using the SWOT Analysis  Create your own SWOT Analysis for a business you are familiar with.
    Ex. McDonalds, Nike, Burroughs and Chapin
    Using the following websites to help you create your own
    SWOT Analysis:


    Special Project 1
    Rate the top 20 franchises.  Which five would  you like to invest and open. Find location, outside costs (rent, utilities, insurance, phones, advertising, etc. etc), number of employees, etc. etc. Please research all expenses and include

    Special Project 2
    Find 5 Home Base Businesses that interest you.  Please come up with an budget on operating capital you would need to set up and run your home base business.  Be detailed as possible.


    Special Project 3
    You have just invented a Gas Detector that attaches to garage door openers.  If it detects any gas the garage door automatically opens.

    Being VERY detailed:  Explain how you get your invention patented; find a manufacturer, and how you plan to market your successful product.  Explain many different marketing techniques you plan to use. Please include the costs.

    The better the marketing—the more successful you will be in selling your product. 


    Special Project 4
    You are opening a new store to the area.  You store will do shipping (like UPS or FedEx) and you will sell products on EBay for your customers.  EBay sales you will get a percentage on the sale.  After coming up with a creative business name & Logo,  Use Paint to create your logo, use Publisher to create a sign for your building, business cards for your business and advertising fliers to be distributed in the area. 

    Please select a Target Market where you will advertise heavily


    Special Project 5
    You are creating a new candy bar.
    You need a name—logo and methods you will market your product.  
    Provide a recipe and list of ingredients.  
    Using publisher create a wrapper for your candy bar.  Cut—tape—make life size


    Special Project 6
    You Own a furniture store.  In an attempt to help market your products, you create a contest to “Name Your Furniture”.  Please come up with as many names as possible. Use as many famous people in your names as possible.
    Example:  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar  Stool
    Example: Amour Sadat


    Special Project 7
    Dream Phone--Describe you "Perfect" Cell Phone.  List all the things it will do.  Use Paintbrush to draw a picture of your Dream Phone.  Include prices, monthly rates, ways you will market this Dream Phone


    Special Project 8
    Design & Market you own clothing line.  Research other successful designers and compare to what you would do.  Draw pictures of your designs. 
    Research these 3 areas and determine costs of each
    Sell your products to others
    Open your own company owned stores
    Sell store franchises and sell your clothes to them. 

    Please list accommodating items (other manufacturers’ goods) that would also be for sale in your stores.


    Topic 3: Economic Fundamentals and Free Enterprise


    • What is an economy?   

    1.      Activity: Have each student write down their definition of an economy without using the internet or resources.

    • Define the three different types of economies

    1.      Activity: Define the three types of economies and provide and example of each

    2.      Activity: What three basic questions must nations answer when deciding how to use their limited resources?

    • Examine and discuss the 4 factors of production

    1.      Activity: Answer the following questions about the 4 factors of production.

    1.      Why are the factors interdependent? Explain.

    2.      What is wealth? Give an example.

    3.      Why is land considered a passive factor of production?

    4.      How do capital and labor differ from land?

    5.      Why is it important to understand how terms are used in different contexts?

    • Explain the supply and demand theory

    1.      Activity: Define the supply and demand theory

    ·        Define free enterprise systems

    ·        Describe the types of business ownerships

    ·        Define the phases of the business cycle

    1.      Activity: Using the Business Cycle Template on the H: Drive, fill in each bubble and square to define the four key phases.

     Vocabulary: Economy, Scarcity, Productivity, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Gross Natural Product (GNP), Inflation, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Supply, Demand, Equilibrium.

    Complete the following questions:

    1.      In which economic system does the government let the market answer the three basic economic questions?

    2.      Of the four key phases of the business cycle, which phase do you think the United States is in now?

    3.      What three factors affect the business cycle?

    4.      How can business increase productivity?


    Topic 4: Professional Development/ Interpersonal Skills


    • Determine career trends and opportunities in marketing
    • Utilize resources that can contribute to career decision making.

    1.      Activity: Use www.bls.gov to research a career in marketing and determine qualifications for the job you choose.

    • Identify personal and professional goals

    1.      Activity: Write a list of at least seven personal goals and seven professional goals. Display them in the goals organizer located on the H: Drive

    • Prepare a resume and cover letter for a job interview
    • Demonstrate skills needed for a job

    1.      Activity: Be prepared for a job interview for some type of career in marketing/advertisement of your choice.

    • Determine verbal and non-verbal communication

    1.      Activity: Talk about what kinds of ways you can express language to people in other countries. Define the effects of these different ways of communication.

    2.      Activity: Prepare a speech about a type of communication that you would like to present to the classroom that would persuade each person to use this way of communication. 

    Vocabulary: Communication, Channels/Media, Feedback, Barriers, Setting, Distractions, Emotional Barriers, Jargon, Persuade, Enumeration, Generalizations. 

    Complete the Following Questions:.
    1.  Name the three most common purposes for speaking, give an example of how each can be applied in a business situation
    2.  What are three considerations in writing an effective message
    3.  What is the difference between persuading and influencing
    4.   Do you think people consider the effect of their work on others? How does consideration relate to ethics?
    5.  How does professional telephone communication relate to professional skills?


    Topic 5: Technology Applications for Marketing

    • Identify eight types of computer applications and explain how these are used in business and  marketing

    1.      Activity: Use the chart located in the folder for Topic 5 to complete and identify the eight types of computer applications. For example: Microsoft Word…Used for Processing word documents

    • Describe the different types of computer software that are influencing and reshaping the world of marketing.

    1. Activity: List the different types of computer software. Tell how they compete with each other. Also, include your preference and tell why you like it. 

    • Explain how the Internet and the World Wide Web can increase business productivity
    • Think of different types of marketing projects. Examples may include billboard campaigns, skywriting, television commercials, and other forms of marketing. Discuss the ways that computers are involved.

    1. Activity: Come up with a product you would like to market. Create a “marketing project” for your product. You may use power point, movie maker, or any other program you would like. Make sure it is detailed. Include a slogan that you feel would sell your product.

    • Research why, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the American government found it necessary to break up Microsoft’s grip on computer users, held through its dominant Windows operating system.

    1. Activity: Write a paragraph about what you researched

    • What is a click stream?
    • What is “CAN-SPAM?”

    1. Activity: Name several reasons why the user of a home computer would want to purchase an Internet security software package.

    Vocabulary: Word processing program, database program, spreadsheet program, desktop publishing programs, graphics and design programs, presentation software homepage, hypertext markup language (HTML), communications programs, enterprise resource planning (ERP), internet, internet service providers (ISPs), Wi-Fi, World Wide Web, hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), uniform resource locator (URL), firewall, site map.

    Complete the following questions:

    1. List eight types of software applications commonly used by businesses.
    2. What is a database program? What advantages does such a program offer a business that gathers a large quantity of data?3. When might businesses use presentation software? Name two examples of this type of software.
    4. Give four examples of specialized computer systems used for marketing.
    5. What are five common uses of the internet in the workplace?
    6. What is the best way to protect digital data?


    Special Project #9
    You have been hired by J.A.Smith, owner of Lunar World Reality.  He has given you exclusive right to sell his next MAJOR development.  The Moon.  Thru intense negotiating , J.A. purchased several millions of acres.  J.A. would like you to come up with a marketing & transporation plan, several house plans, and a life on the moon clothing line.


    Special Project #10
    Top 20 Advertising & Marketing Companies
    List Company
    Yearly Revenue


    Special Project # 11
    What is the difference in Marketing & Advertising?  Explain and be VERY detailed


    Special Project # 12
    Please list as many ways as you can think of --Successul ways to market or advertise products and services


    Topic Folder 6 

    • Demonstrate appropriate techniques to initiate a sale and determine customer needs.
    • Handle customer objections during the selling process

    1.  Activity: Explain appropriate ways  to handle customer/client complaints by writing a positive sales experience vs. a negative sales experience

    2.  Activity: List the steps to handle customer/ client complaints

    • ·        Describe the purpose and the importance of selling

      1.Activity: Tell what you already know about selling. Use who, what, where, when, and why to tell about it. 
    • Explain business ethics in selling and learn company policies

    1.  Activity: Select a company that is of interest to you and which you have access to. Find out company policies, as well as unethical selling policies and sales regulations with which a new employee should be familiar. 

    • Explain the process of calculating sales transactions.

    1. Activity: Figure out this problem…A store is having a sale: Buy one shirt (priced at $40) get the second one at half price and the third one at one-third of the price. How much does the second shirt cost? The third shirt? Add an 8.5 percent sales tax. What is the total coast to a customer buying three shirts? Make sure to show all work and steps. 

    • Identify and execute the seven steps of the sales process

    1.  Activity: Research the seven steps to selling and use a picture to illustrate each step

    • What are buying motives?

    1.   Activity: Think about a time when you were making a “BIG “purchase. What factors did you think about before you purchased it. (ex. Price, Use, Size) Write a paragraph about your “BIG” purchase and include different buying motives within. 

    Vocabulary: personal selling, business-to-business selling, telemarketing, consultative selling, feature-benefit selling, product features, customer benefits, rational motive, emotional motive, extensive decision making, limited decision making, routine decision making, pre-approach, prospect, referrals, endless chain method, cold canvassing, sales quotas. 

    Complete the following questions:

    1. What sets personal selling apart from other forms of promotion?
      Identify a basic, a physical, and an extended product feature for a camera.
      What factors influence the level of customer decision making?
     In selling situations, what can salespeople do to prepare for the sale?
      What is prospecting?
       Which of the three sales compensation methods would you prefer? Why?


    Special Project 13
    Create a Marketing Plan For LoBo Beverages, Inc
    Use this website to research & gather your information


    Special Project 14
    With the opening of a New, Bigger, National known Health & Fitness Store, the owners of the Mom & Pops Health & Fitness Store downtown has lost a lot of business.  Mom & Pop have asked you remodel / restructure their business.  Please come up with a plan of what you would do.  Things like: Building remolding, new services, new equipment, new ideas, etc. etc.
    Be detailed and Creative---You need to get you costumers back and add new ones.


    Special Project 15
    Careers in Marketing
    Please list several careers in the field of marketing.  Include average salaries, education, experience needed for the position.
    What is available locally?


    Topic 7: Distribution


    • Summarize the channels of distribution

    1.      Activity: What are the channels of distribution?

    • Classify the channel members

    1.      Activity: Classify channel members and explain the importance of channel members.

    2.      Activity: Identify  the two major types of merchant intermediaries

    • Summarize direct and indirect channels

    1.      Activity: Is purchasing a Nissan at a local dealer an example of direct distribution of indirect distribution. Explain your answers.

    2.      Activity: In a global marketplace, how is outsourcing operations to other countries helping or hurting the U.S economy? Research this issue and then discuss and debate your opinion.

    • Classify the activities of physical distribution

    1.      Activity: Physical distribution can be viewed as a system of components linked together for the efficient movement of products. Explain the types of activities that come along with physical distribution.

    • Summarize transportation systems

    1.      Activity: Come up with your own product and tell how you will transport it to third world countries. Explain the importance of your transportation system.

    • Explain legal and ethical considerations in distribution

    1.      Activity:  Research the legal and ethical considerations in distribution and create two different flyers to present this information.


    Vocabulary: channel of distribution, intermediaries, wholesalers, rack jobbers, drop shippers, retailers, brick-and- mortar retailers, e-tailing, agents, direct distribution, indirect distribution, exclusive distribution, integrated distribution, selective distribution, intensive distribution, e-marketplace


    Complete the following questions:

    1.      What term describes the path a product takes from producer to final user?

    2.      What is the function of intermediaries?

    3.      Name the two main types of distribution channels.

    4.      Assume a manufacturer makes an item that costs $2.50 to produce. The markup when sold to the distributor is 35 percent. What is the cost to the distributor? When the distributor sells this item to the retailer, the markup is 40 percent. How much will the retailer pay for the item?


    Topic 8: Promotion


    • Explain the role of promotion as a marketing function

    1.      Activity: Think of some examples of when a company may not have promoted an item enough or promoted it too much. To complete this assignment, pick a product and analyze its promotional mix.

    • Discuss the types of promotion

    1.      Activity: Why would a business use a promotional mix instead of relying on one form of promotion only?

    2.      Activity: How would you describe the different types of promotion?

    3.      Activity: What is product promotion, institutional promotion and why would you use these types of promotion?

    • Identify the elements of the promotional mix

    1.      Activity: What are the 5 basic categories in the promotion mix and play a vital role in promoting businesses and their products.

    2.      Activity: What are 5 local businesses? Answer the following questions about each identified business.

    a.      What kind of advertising is done by this business

    b.      Does the business use personal selling to sell its product

    c.       Does the business use any sales promotions

    d.      How could the business use public relations to build and promote itself or its product

    • Describe the use of business ethics in promotion

    1.      Activity: Imagine that you are a business manager of a clothing store for teenagers. Now imagine that there is another store right next door that is selling the same product. Why do you have to be polite and respectful and have good business ethics to the other business owner? Write a 250 word paper explaining why.

    • Explain the types of advertising media

    1.      Activity: List three examples of how you have responded to sales promotions in the past.

    2.      Activity: Find examples of various coupons and advertisements and explain the reason for the sales.


    Vocabulary: promotion, product promotion, institutional promotion, advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations, news release, publicity, promotional mix, push policy, pull policy, sales promotions, trade promotions, consumer promotions, coupons, premiums, incentives, promotional tie-ins


    Complete the following questions:

    1.      What is promotion?

    2.      What is the difference between product and institutional promotion?

    3.      Describe the concept of promotional mix.

    4.      Why do businesses use sales promotions?

    5.      Explain the difference between trade and consumer promotions.

    6.      What are the purposes of promotional tie-ins.


    Special Project 16
    You have just opened you own Marketing Firm.  Please create a Newsletter(use Publisher) identifying your business and list all your services.  Remember- Be Creative!

    Special Project 17
    You have been hired by Centrex Homes to lead the Marketing Team on a  Planned Community Development in Myrtle Beach.  Please give the details on what or how your team will “get people in the door” to purchase homes in this community. 

    Special Project 18
    You have been hired by the US Government to write up and Market to the World ---“Worldwide Internet Laws”.  Your new laws will govern the use of the World Wide Web.  Please list your Internet Laws, explain the importance for them, and the punishment one would receive if arrested breaking one of them.  Please be thoughtful and creative will your laws.  The integrity of the World Wide Web depends on you.

    Chapter 10       Online Book on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Chapter 11       Online Book on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Shark Tank 1 The Drop Stop

    Shark Tank 2 Grinds Coffee Pouches

    Shark Tank 3 Ride On Carry On

    Shark Tank 4 Toygaroo

    Chapter 12        Online Book on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Chapter 13        Online Book on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Shark Tank 5 The Ruck Pack

    Shark Tank 6 Bounce Boot Camp

    Shark Tank 7 Wall RX

    Shark Tank 8 The Groove Book

    Shark Tank 9 Surfset Fitness

    Chapter 14        Online Book on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Shark Tank 10Wurkin Stiffs

    Shark Tank 11 Scrub Daddy

    Shark Tank 12 Sharkwheel

    Special Project 19:
    Golf Community
    You have been offered an opportunity to purchase and existing golf course in an existing community.  In the deal you get, golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, and club house.  Describe how you would put together the financing to purchase this.  Please describe how you could make a profit utilizing all 4 areas.  Be very detailed.  The purchase price is 4.5 million.

    Shark Tank 13 Basement Billionaire LITTER

    Chapter 15          Online Book on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Shark Tank  14 MONEY

    Shark Tank  15 Dream Water

    Shark Tank  16 Q Flex

    Shark Tank  17 Lulu Bang

    Chapter 16          Online Book on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Shark Tank  18 Sweep Easy

    Shark Tank  19 Todd’s Pie’s

    Shark Tank  20 How do you roll

    Shark Tank  21 Uni Key

    Shark Tank  22 Hyconn

    Chapter 17         Online Book on   Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Shark Tank 23 Teddy needs a bath

    Shark Tank 24 Fine Bites

    Chapter   18         Online Book on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Chapter   19         Online Book on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    The Role of Logos
      Below are some well-known logos to review.

    1. Which logos can you recognize?
    3. Why do you think that these logos were designed this        way? That is, what are they trying to communicate?
    5. Are logos just used for quick recognition – or do        they try to “tell a story” about the brand?
    7. Which logos, do you think, are the better ones? Why?
    9. How often (if at all) should successful brands        change/fine-tune their logo design?
    11. In addition to a brand’s logo – what are some other        brand elements (colors, shapes, slogans, sounds) that are also important        to use?
    13. Do you think that every brand needs a logo? Or are        logos more important in certain industries only?

    Name the   logos.  How many can you name?   Click here to View.  Type answers below


    Chapter 20           Online Book   on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Chapter 21           Online Book   on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Chapter 22           Online Book   on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Chapter 23           Online Book   on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Chapter 24           Online Book   on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Chapter 25           Online Book   on Teacher Share Drive -- Randall

    Special   Project 20
      Wild Game Restaurant

      Marketing Plan, Location Survey, Menu & Recipes, Décor

    Special   Project 21
      Juice Box Package Design

      Juice-Tree is a company that sells fruit juices nationwide. They have   traditionally sold their juice in plastic bottles. Now they want to repackage   their product to better compete with other juices on the market. They want to   sell their juice in single-serving juice boxes. They also want to update   their image to better attract children and their parents to buy their juice   products. Students help Juice-Tree by designing a juice box package that   meets the marketing requirements of the company.



    Final Exam
      Create a Fishing Charter Business

      Create a start up budget for all equipment and expenses.  Boat, crew,   food, poles, dock, etc. etc.  List ways you would market your business   (newspaper magazines, etc. etc.) Create a advertising flier for your   business.  Include business name. a picture, address, phone number, web   address, specials.
      As always, be as detailed as possible