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    Sports & Entertainment Marketing


    Classroom Introductions, Expectations, Lab Rules. Network Acceptable Use Policies, Class Syllabus Handouts,
    All Power Point Assignments should be between 4 and 6 slides.
    PowerPoint--Create a Personal Power Point on yourself.  Go from birth to now.  Also include you future plans.  Be a through as possible.  Include pictures, stories, etc. etc.  Time to be creative.  Sports Interests, Favorite sport, players, team. Hunting, Fishing, water sports, etc. etc. 

    2 - Power Point : Work   Safety on the Computer
    3 - Power Point: Office Safety
    4 - Power Point:  General Safety at Home & Everyday Living
    5 - Power Point: Innovation of the Computer
    Examples  can be found on the teacher share drive--Randall--IBA 1 Class   Info --- No example of General Safety -- Be creative and detailed when making yours.

    Soft Skills

    *Assignments must be created, not downloaded. Before you begin assignments please research Soft Skills to gain knowledge on the subjects.

    Assignment 1

    Create a 5 Slide PPT covering the following subjects:

    • What are soft skills?
    • Why are soft skills important?
    • Provide 3 scenarios in which soft skills were/were not used and explain what went right or wrong.
    • Apply to life: Explain a time where you have practiced Soft Skills.
    • Present a problem and solve that problem using the learned techniques of Soft Skills.

    Assignment 2

    You are a manager at a cooperate office hiring the best-skilled employee, create a PPT representing 4 individuals for an interview, introducing employees with the best soft skills, and the least soft skills. Explain why or why not each employee may or may not be picked for the job based on their actions.

    Assignment 3

    Using Word, create a page script of a conversation between an employer and an employee. Make sure to represent good use of soft skills. Be creative and include many interactions between the employer and the employee.

    Assignment 4
    Using Word, List 10 soft skills employers want the most and explain / define each

    Assignment 5
    Using Word, Describe why soft skills are so important during the interview process and how important for students to learn soft skills.

    Define hard skills and soft skills and compare / Explain the need for balance

    Chapter 1
    What is Sports and Entertainment Marketing?
    Read the Chapter
    1. Describe the basic concepts of marketing
    2. Explain the marketing mix
    3. Define the seven core standards of marketing and financing
    4. Define the Key Terms on page 4
    5. Define sports marketing
    6. Explain the value of sports marketing to the economy
    7. Define key terms on page 13.
    8. Define Entertainment.
    9. Describe the evolution of entertainment marketing
    10. Define the Key Terms on page 19.
    11. Encore Page 25.  Answer questions 1-4
    12. Chapter Assessment Page 26 & 27.  Answer questions 1-21


    Special Project 1
    Explain the impact on Myrtle Beach with their Sports Marketing programs.  List several things that are hosted here.  Talk advantages and disadvantages that come with hosting events.

    Special Project 2   Case Study Page 30
    College Athletes
    Explain the pros and cons of the money made on college sports and how the players are treated.  Should they be paid? Given allowances?  Is free scholarships enough?  NCAA rules.

    Chapter 2 
    Putting The Customer First
    Read The Chapter
    1. Explain the central focus of the marketing concept
    2. Explain the reasons for increased sports and entertainment options.

    3. Define the Key Terms on page 34.
    4, Explain the importance of understanding buyer behavior when making marketing decisions.
    5. List and describe means of collecting marketing information for use in decision making
    6. Define Key Terms on page 39.
    7. Define target market and market segment.
    8. Describe how businesses use marketing segmentation.
    9. Define Key Terms on page 46.
    10. Explain the importance of outstanding customer service
    11. Explain what it means to establish a service culture.

    12. Define Key Terms on page 52.

    13. Chapter Assessment Page 58 & 59. Answer questions 1-23

    Special Project 3
    Explain the impact on Sports and Entertainment marketing thru satellite TV.  Direct TV and Dish.  Direct TV offers some movies now the same day they are released in theaters.  They also have NFL Sunday ticket, NBA coverage and MLB coverage.  Has all this TV service cut down on live game attendance?  

    Special Project 4
    Case Study Page 62
    Athlete Owned Restaurants

    Chapter 3
    Sports and Entertainment Means Business
    Read The Chapter
    1. Explain the importance of the profit motive in business
    2. Summarize the impact resources on business
    3. Describe the types of economic utility.

    4. Define the Key Terms on Page 66.
    5. Recognize sources of funding and revenue for sports and entertainment businesses.

    6. Explain how to manage financial resources through record keeping.
    7. Define Key Terms on Page 71.
    8. Categorize business risks
    9. Explain methods a business uses to manage risks
    10. Conduct a risk assessment and development a contingency plan for safety and security
    11. Define the Key Terms on Page 75.
    12. Interpret the meaning of ethics in sports and entertainment marketing.
    13. Analyze the impact of ethical and unethical behavior.
    14. Define the Term Words on page 81.
    15. Chapter Assessment Page 86 & 87. Answer questions 1-28

    Special Project 5
    Winning Edge Page 91
    After reading page 91 and researching what other Universities do, please answer questions 1-3.  Be very detailed with your answers.
    Chapter 4
    The Wide World of Sports And Entertainment
    Read The Chapter
    1. Explain the effect of major international events on sports
    2. Explain how politics and money affects sports and entertainment
    3. Define the Key Terms on Page 94
    4. Assess global trends and opportunities in sports and entertainment
    5. Identify the effects of global communication on sports and entertainment
    6. Define Key Terms on page 102.
    7. Explain the impact of multiculturalism and diversity on sports and entertainment.
    8. Summarize the impact of women in sports and entertainment
    9. Define the Key Terms on Page 107.
    10. Explain the role of travel and tourism in sports and entertainment
    11. Discuss the roles of resorts and theme parks
    Define Key Terms on Page 112.
    12. Chapter Assessment Pages 118 & 119.  Answer questions 1-31

    Special Project 6
    Draw & Design a Sports Marketable Cereal Box.  Front cover, 2 sides and back.  On back create a fun game or puzzle for you to play with while eating you cereal.

    Special Project 7
    Weekend Family Health Fitness Jamboree
    Create YOUR Family Health & Fitness Weekend-- Events, prizes, sponsors, advertising, health clinics, List everything you must do to make the weekend successful & everyone attending Draw a map to include all activities, driving directions to activities
    Include:  Vendors selling exercise equipment, fitness clothing,  doctors giving blood pressure checks, cholesterol checks, other health services--Flu Shots, people selling food, parking, Personal fitness trainers, dietitians, Education seminars (pick several topics from webmd.com)
    Be creative.  Include pictures and be VERY DETAILED when writing.  Plan your weekend from Friday night, All day Saturday, and ending Sunday afternoon.

    Chapter 5
    Marketing-Information Management
    Read The Chapter
    1. Explain the characteristics and purposes of marketing information systems
    2. Describe the role of ethics in marketing-information management.
    3. Define Key Terms on page 126.

    4. Summarize the steps I marketing research

    5. Discuss technology used to collect and manage marketing-information data.

    6. Define Key Terms on page 131
    7. Describe how to interpret marketing information.

    8. Discuss the concept of data-driven decisions

    9. Define Key Terms on page 138.

    10. Chapter Assessment Pages 142 & 143.  Answer Questions 1-35

    Special Project 8
    Debatable Topics
    Please write about (in detail) each one of the listed statements.  You must type at least ¾ page on each topic: Discuss each of the following.  Is it a Sport?  Why or Why not?   What would you call it?
    Marching Band
    Ballroom Dancing
    Eating (Hot Dogs Eating Contests, etc. etc.)
    Cross Country Skiing
    Shooting Trap –Clay Pigeons

    Name any “Sport” or Activity that you  would NOT consider a “Sport”

    Should Pete Rose be in the baseball hall of fame?
    How do you feel about Barry Bonds Home Run Record? 
    Should Roger Clements be in the Hall of Fame?

    Special Project 9
    Research Paper
    How has the steroids  era affected sports? RESEARCH
    Professional, College, Olympics, High School 
    What is being done about it?  Why did/is it happen/happening?
    Compare what we are doing about it--Sport to Sport, Country to Country, State to State, Olympics
    Be VERY detailed in your research and writing.  4 pages minimum

    Chapter 6
    The Product is Sports and Entertainment
    Read The Chapter
    1. Define product mix, product extension, and product enhancement.

    2. List and describe the components of the product mix.

    3. Define Key Terms on page 150.

    4. Define the bottom line for sports.

    5. Explain the high cost of sports and entertainment events.

    6. Define Key Terms on page 156.

    7. List and describe the stages of the product life cycle

    8. Explain how products are positioned in the marketplace.

    9. Define Key Terms on page 163.

    10. Chapter Assessment Pages 170 & 171. Answer questions 1-25

    Special Project 10
    Extra Innings Project Page 173 – College Recruitment & NCAA

    Special Project 11
    Case Study Page 174 – Crossfit Training

    Chapter 7
    Managing The Channels
    Read The Chapter

    1.Explore the role of channel management in sports and entertainment marketing

    2. Investigate global distribution channels for sports and entertainment.

    3. Classify legal and ethical considerations in channel management
    4. Define Key Terms on page 178.

    5. Describe the use of technology in the channel management function

    6. Compare the efficiency of using social media and technology to the physical distribution of products or services.

    7. Define Key Terms on page 186.

    8. Classify the channel management strategies used in entertainment distribution.

    9. Describe how to manage channels to minimize costs.

    10. Define Key Terms on page 191.

    11. Select distribution strategies for amateur sports and recreation.

    12. Explain considerations in distribution of college sports.

    13. Discuss channel strategies for professional sports.

    14. Define Key Terms on page 194.

    15. Chapter Assessment Pages 202 & 203.  Answer questions 1-32.

    Special Project 12
    Case Study Page 206
    To Distribute or Not to Distribute—That is the Question

    Special Project 13
    Wrong Handed Olympics
    Please list your Olympic Sports were a Right handed person would compete Left handed and a Left handed person would compete Right handed.  List as many Sports as you can.  Develop a marketing plan on how to attract sponsors for your Wrong handed Olympics. 

    Chapter 8
    The Economics of Supply and Demand
    Read the Chapter

    1. Explain the relationships among supply, demand, and price.

    2. Discuss the government’s influence on pricing.

    3. Define Key Terms on page 210.

    4. Discuss pricing strategies used by businesses to increase sales.

    5. List 5 steps for determining price.

    6. Define Key Terms on page 216.

    7. Devine the business cycle and describe its effect on the sports and entertainment industries.

    8. Discuss the importance of monitoring consumer trends.

    9. Define Key Terms on page 222.

    10. Chapter Assessment Pages 228 & 229.  Answer questions 1-27

    Special Project 14
    Case Study Page 232
    Come on Down, You’re our next Contestant

    Special Project 15
    Entertainment Weekend --Your Topic
    List events. Advertising package, projected attendance and revenue for the Grand Strand.

    Chapter 9
    Sports and Entertainment Promotion
    Read The Chapter

    1.Describe the purposes of promotion

    2. Summarize the significance of the four elements of promotion

    3. Define Key Terms on page 236.

    4. Explain the components of effective advertising

    5. Describe various types of sales promotions

    6. Define Key Terms on page 240.

    7. Distinguish between publicity and other types of promotion.

    8. Explain how to use personal selling in sports and entertainment.

    9. Define Key Terms on page 247.

    10. Chapter Assessment Pages 254 & 255.  Answer questions 1-29.

    Special Project 16
    Case Study Page 258
    Getting to know all about You

    Special Project 17
    Desktop Publishing Event Page 259  Adult Communities

    Chapter 10
    Promotional Planning
    Read The Chapter

    1. Describe the components and exchanges of an event triangle.

    2. Explain the effects of media broadcasting on the event triangle.

    3. Explain the promotional value of entertainment awards.

    4. Define Key Terms on page 262.

    5. Explain the benefits of sponsorship to the sponsor.

    6. Define endorsements and discuss their restrictions.

    7. Define Key Terms on page 268.

    8. List steps in developing a promotional plan.

    9. Discuss recent promotional trends and ways to stay current.

    10. Define Key Terms on page 274.

    11. Chapter Assessment Pages 280 & 281.  Answer Questions 1-27.

    Special Project 18
    Case Study Page 284
    Changing Nascar’s Target Market

    Special Project 19
    Graphic Design Promotion Event  Page 285  Nascar Logo

    Chapter 11
    Selling Sports and Entertainment
    Read The Chapter
    1. List the steps involved in the sales process.

    2. Discuss the management skills and knowledge necessary for successful salespeople.

    3. Define Key Terms on page 288.

    4. Explain the difference between ticket brokers and ticket scalpers.

    5. Describe the ticket economy and strategies for getting highly sought-after tickets.

    6. Define Key Terms on page 294.

    7. Explain sales strategies for attracting groups to sports and entertainment venues.

    8. Describe how corporations use sports and entertainment to motivate employees and impress client.

    9. Define Key Terms on page 300.

    10. Chapter Assessment Pages 304 & 305.  Answer Questions 1-21

    Special Project 20
    Extra Inning Project Page 307
    Prom Parties

    Special Project 21
    Case Study Page 308
    Selling the Benefits of a City and its Venue.

    Special Project 22
    Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling Event Page 309   Super Bowl

    Chapter 12
    The Marketing Game Plan
    Read The Chapter

    1. Explain the importance of marketing planning.

    2. Determine the information needed to begin marketing planning.

    3. Define Key Terms on page 312.

    4. Describe the importance of marketing objectives and strategies.

    5. Explain how the design of a sports property can be used as a marketing strategy.

    6. Identify entertainment marketing strategies.

    7. Define Key Terms on page 316.

    8. Describe how marketing position is developed

    9. List and describe the components of a marketing plan.

    10. Define Key Terms on page 323.

    11. Chapter Assessment Pages 330 & 331.  Answer Questions  1-29

    Special Project 23
    Extra Inning Project Page 333
    Sports Drink

    Special Project 24
    Travel and Tourism Team Decision-Making Event  Page 335  Rio Olympics

    Chapter 13
    Sports and Entertainment Legal Issues
    Read The Chapter

    1. Discuss the role of governing bodies in the sports industry

    2. Distinguish between copyright laws, licensing, and fair use.

    3. Define Key Terms on page 338.

    4. Investigate the role of labor unions in sports and entertainment

    5. Describe the financial and public relations effects of strikes on sports and entertainment.

    6. Define Key Terms on page 346.

    7. Identify the roles of athlete agents, handlers, and advisers.

    8. Describe contract law.

    9. Define Key Terms on page 351.

    10. Chapter Assessment Pages 356 & 357.  Answer questions 1-30

    Special Project 24
    Extra Inning Project Page 359
    Major League Baseball Salary Caps

    Special Project 25
    Major League Baseball / National Basketball Association Teams
    List owners, stadiums, team franchise started, Franchise worth   
    Create a 6 table form---include a picture of stadium and team logo.  Hyperlink team name to team website
    Do ALL Teams of the Sport you choose.

    Chapter 14
    Business Ownership and Leadership
    Read The Chapter
    1. Define entrepreneur and describe characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.
    2. List and describe the key elements of a business plan
    3. Define Key Terms on page 364.
    4. Explain the need for human resources.
    5. List and describe the four functions of human resources departments.
    6. Define Key Terms on page 369
    7. Identify effective interpersonal skills.
    8. Describe effective team-building skills.
    9. Explain how to give ab effective oral presentation.
    10. Define Key Terms on page 375.
    11. Chapter Assessment Pages 384 & 385.  Answer questions 1-26

    Special Project 26
    Extra Innings Project Page 387
    Career Portfolio

    Special Project 27
    Case Study Page 388
    Bullying in the workplace

    Chapter 15
    Scoring A Career
    Read The Chapter
    1. Describe the variety of careers available in sports and entertainment marketing.
    2. Explain the skills needed and ways to prepare for a career in sports and entertainment marketing.
    3. Define Key Terms on page 392
    4. List and describe three national student professional organizations.
    5. Explain the benefits of involvement in student professional organizations.
    6. Define Key Terms on page 399.
    7. Explain the need for continuous professional development.
    8. Give examples of professional development opportunities.
    9. Define Key Terms on page 406.
    10. Chapter Assessment Pages 412 & 413. Answer questions 1-28

    Special Project 28
    Extra Inning Project Page 415
    Student Conference

    Special Project 29
    Case Study Page 416
    What it takes to be a brand manager in sports and entertainment marketing

    Special Project 30
    Fishing Charter Business
    Create a Fishing Charter Business
    Create a start-up budget for all equipment and expenses.  Boat, crew, food, poles, dock, etc. etc.  List ways you would market your business (newspaper magazines, etc. etc.)
    Create a advertising flier for your business.  Include business name. a picture, address, phone number, web address, specials.
    As always, be as detailed as possible

    Special Project 31
    Plan a Trip to The NFC Football Championships  or World Series
    Select City, Teams, Transportation, Hotels, Food, Entertainment, Budget

    Special Project 32
    South Caroline Mt. Rushmore   (Thanks ESPN)
    Take a picture and choose your 4 favorite famous Athletes or Coaches from South Carolina.  Must be SC Native or played or coached their career in South Carolina.

    Special Project 33
    Work 2 in a Group 
    Grand Strand Sports & Entertainment Board Game
    Teams ---Be Creative ---Be Detailed---Use Locals Logo
    Monopoly Style Gameboard  Grand Strand Sports & Entertainment Businesses on Gameboard----Create you own money and cards (chance & community chess)
    Final Exam
    Golf Community
    You have been offered an opportunity to purchase and existing golf course in an existing community.  In the deal you get, golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, and club house.  Describe how you would put together the financing to purchase this.  Please describe how you could make a profit utilizing all 4 areas. Would you be adding other areas  / Making Imrpovements.  You will need to update maintenence equiptment. Be very detailed.  The purchase price is 4.5 million.