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    Classroom Introductions, Expectations, Lab Rules. Network Acceptable Use Policies, Class Syllabus Handouts, 

    All assignments need to be researched and very detailed. Include pictures if possible. Questions--Ask Instructor.

    PowerPoint--Create a Personal Power Point on yourself. Favorite Subjects, Computer Ability, Software & Gaming, Programming, my space, face book, how much time do you spend on the computer daily---After school activities--sports, band, art, drama

    All Below listed Power Points must have a minimum of 8 slides each
      1- Power Point  For Business Presentation--You have been hired to create   a new school year--modifying the current schedule.  Please come up your   school attendance plan and explain on each slide the benefits with your   change.  Examples:  Year Round, 4 days a week, 5 days one week, 4   days the next week, a week off after each grading period and the ideas go on   and on. Change the day schedule: 4 x 4 block semester schedule (8 credits per   year) 4 block alternating schedule  (still 8 credits per year) or change   to 6 to 8 periods a day. Remember your school year must have the required   time for a student to attend.   Research other school systems in other   states and see how they do it.  Your main concern with changing the   schedule will be providing a better education to the students while cutting   operating expenses, thus saving money.
      2 - Power Point : Work   Safety on the Computer
      3 - Power Point: Office Safety
      4 - Power Point:  General Safety at Home & Everyday Living
      5 - Power Point: Innovation of the Computer/hand held devices/cell phones
      Examples  can be found on the teacher share drive--Randall--IBA 1 Class   Info --- No example of General Safety -- Be creative and details when making   yours

    Weebly Website -- Soft Skills / Employment
    5 Total pages
    Main Page
    Describe the job interview process and the importance of being prepared for the interview
    Page 1
    How do you prepare for a job interview?
    Examples: Dress, Research about company you are interviewing for, Updated resume, Cover letter, Review job postings
    Page 2
    Define hard skills and soft skills and compare
    Explain the need for balance
    Page 3
    List 10 soft skills employers want the most and explain / define each
    What questions should you ask during the interview
    Page 4
    Describe why soft skills are so important during the interview process and how important for students to learn soft skills. Complete an updated resume on yourself. 

    Each page should be explained in detail and should contain pictures related to your subject.  All links should be named correctly.   Details, Details, Details!!!!!!!!

    Web Site 1
    Inventions in History
    What Inventions have been the most helpful
    What is your favorite Invention
    If you could create an invention, what would it be, what would it do, what would you call it, what would it look like
    3 or 4 pages

    New Site 2
    1—5 Pages ---Complete the following Topics:
    Dream Phone--Describe you "Perfect" Cell Phone. List all the things it will do. Use Paintbrush to draw a picture of your Dream Phone and add the picture to your webpage.
    Careers --Employment Web Sites
    Rate the best 5. Why are they better than the others
    Energy Recourses & Alternatives for the United States
    Local Radio Stations What type of music is played, etc., etc.

    New Site 3
    At least 4 pages
    Your Top Ten Your favorite Movies, Songs, Music groups, TV Shows, Actors, Actresses, Books, School Classes, Sports, Athletes,
    10 Most Influential People of All Time—Brief history on each – where and when were they born (died), what did they do that was so great, why do you consider them Influential
    Favorite Restaurant /Cuisine--Research the company , menu, etc. etc.

    New Site 4
    Computers--(Home Page)    10 Total Pages
    Different Sections:
    Online Banking/Shopping
    E-Bay  How does it work?  How do you use it?
    Technical Support--- Where, Why, Should you pay??
    Computer Classes For Seniors (Create--You Are the teacher)
    Computer Jobs  for people with disabilities
    Cell Phone Internet / Email
    Note Pads

    PLEASE be detailed with your information and use your own words.  DO NOT COPY AND PASTE--Pictures should be on all pages to go along with your writing

    New Site 5
    Home page and 1 pages for the following topics:
    Advances in Medical Technology in last 50 years
    Advances in Automotive Technology in last 50 years
    Advancement of computers from the first computer to the newest hand held and cell phones

    New Site  6
    Public Issues / Social Media
    Name public issues that affect you –What caused these issues --What can you do to correct the issues
    Discuss today’s technology
    Facebook, Cell phones, texting – Good/ Bad –Safety Issues – Manners – Posting pictures/videos online

    New Site  7
    Select One—-NBA, NFL, MLB League  ----- All Teams
    Show Name of team, team owner, Arena name, net worth of franchise, team logo, link to team home page, brief history of the team

    New Site  8
    Holidays--What do you and your family do, go, celebrate ??
    Your Future--What do you want to be, go,, have ??
    Living @ the Beach during Winter --???
    Beach Street Vendors
    Surf Boards
    Beach Laws (Create your own)  Smoking, Driving, Dogs, Fires, Golf Carts, Games, Etc. Etc.

    New Site  9
    Traffic & Travel
    Major highways used in
    South Eastern United States
    South Carolina
    Myrtle Beach Area
    Do we need more?  Where?
    Do we need to upgrade roads?  Where?
    Name to most traveled roads?
    How is NEW  road construction funded? 
    How is road repair & maintenance funded?
    Do you have a new ideas how roads can be funded

    New Site 10
    Know Your Neighbor -- Create a page about your classmates. Create a survey and question all the students in your class.  Include Pictures.  Be specific and detailed in describing each person
    If you could have dinner with anyone in history--who would it be?  Explain!  The dinner is for 6 people, including yourself

    New Site 11
    South Carolina
    South Carolina Government---4 sections
    Home Page, Federal, State, County (Council & School Board)
    South Carolina Colleges
    South Carolina Beaches
    South Carolina Hurricanes
    Famous People from South Carolina
    South Carolina Native Americans
    South Carolina Wildlife
    Francis Marion --Who was he?? What did he do? Why is he so famous? How many things in South Carolina are named after him?
    Ghosts of Horry & Georgetown Counties

    New Web Site 12
    3 Column multi page site
    Create YOUR newspaper or News Station Website.  (Please study other websites for ideas)  Pages to include:
    Local News
    National News
    Classified -- Different Sections  Jobs, For Sale, Real Estate, Etc.
    YOUR news website needs to be easy to navigate thru---EASY to read—Pleasing to the eye----Stories and pictures need to be included
    Be creative with your stories--take your time--This assignment is a major grade

    Web Site 13
    US Presidents New Folder--Index Listing Presidents, Page on each President, Picture, Name, Party, Years in office, Bio on each, and Important decisions made while in office 

    Web Site 14 
    History by the Decades
    60's, 70's, 80's 90's     
    Create an Historical Timeline for each decade
    Show important happening during their time period, Advancements, problems, who was President
    Show price of gas, milk -- What music and artist was number 1 during the time period. Be creative and very detailed -- The more facts the better your grade will be.

    Web Site 15
    Concert Venue
    Program of Your Concert -- Artists, History of Artists, time, place, date
    b. Tickets for your concert
    c.  Create a drawing of your arena and parking area. Please provide seating areas and prices for the seats.  Make sure you include concession areas (with menu and prices), dressing rooms for artists, rest rooms for ticket holders and any other service you could provide to make the concert a success 


    Use a table format to show the 50 richest people in the United States.  Who they are, where they live, age, total wealth, how did they make it (that is 5 columns).  Link their name to their business website Add to Website 9

    Web Site 16
    Pick your favorite country---Location—Map—Population—Economy—Culture—History—Language—Foods—Government—Why do you like it

    Web Site 17
    Humor / Laughs / Unbelievable stories. Please limit the images you use.  More jokes and stories.  PLEASE create your own or writw a skit that they would do on Saturday Night Live. Have Fun with this!

    Create a 3 page web
    Your Last Name College
    Main page, student page, athletic page
    Create school colors and a mascot
    Show activities, events, student life, academic offerings, etc. etc
    Be creative and have fun with this
    90 minutes to complete---MUST BE SHOWN IN YOUR BROWSER FOR A GRADE!(Explorer or Firefox)!!