• Fine Arts 2019 2020




    Performing Arts  2019 2020
    Kenneth Bedwell  

    650-5600 Ext. 3266

    Chuck Capps  
    650-5600 Ext. 3279

    Angela Howard
    650-5600 Ext. 3263
    Drama 1, Honors 3 & 4, ShowChoir, Musical Theatre

    Laura Meyer
    650-5600 Ext. 3205
    Drama 1/Mythology


    Visual Arts  2019 2020
    The Fine Arts Department currently has 4 visual arts teachers who specialize in a variety of media. Members serve as educators and professionals in the art field with combined experiences as commissioned painters, muralists, historical preservation and restoration, theatre set and prop designers, museum educators, and photographers. Course offerings include Art 1- A foundations course and pre-requisite to the advanced level coursework with specialization in photography, ceramics, sculpture, drawing and painting.  AP Art History and AP Art Studio are also offered.

    Joseph Grega
    Cross Country and Boys Lacrosse Head Coach
    Art 1
    Art 3-D Design 1,2
    AP Studio 3-D

    Sherry Martin
    NAHS and Art Club
    Art 1
    Art 2,3,4

    Janice McBride
    Shark Tank, NAHS sponsor and Art Club Sponsor
    Photo 1, 2
    AP Studio 2D

    Beth Mitchell 
    Department Chair, NAHS and Art Club sponsor
    Art 1
    Ceramics 1, 2, 3