• Guidance 2019-2020


     Guidance Deppartment

    Back Row Left to Right: Lauri Wood, Brittany Pezzuti, Gray Williams, Kelli Ferdon, Ann Merritt
    Sitting Left to Right:  Elaina Tubbs, Caroline Ross   

    Caroline Ross
    Director, SPED
    Testing:  Assist with all
    Duties:  Master Schedule, Curriculum and Instruction Committee, weekly gradebook updates to admin, District and State reports, SIC representative, Department Chair Meetings, Program School Liaison, student needs contact, McKinney Vento Liaison, SSD coordinator, direct supervisor for the Guidance Secretary and Registrar, comp time for Guidance, attend IEP meetings when requested
    Guidance Liaison- Best, Lewis

    Elaina Tubbs
    A-De caseload
    Testing:  PSAT
    Duties:  NCAA Clearinghouse contact, Virtual School Coordinator, Scholarship coordinator, Senior Awards contact, Ed Op Day Coordinator
    Guidance Liaison-Dolfi

    Kelli Ferdon
    Di-Ji caseload
    Testing:  AP
    Duties:  College Application Day Coordinator, Palmetto Fellows, National Merit Scholars, send info to Randall/Moore/Stanton for updating social media resources, SAT/ACT fee waivers
    Guidance Liaison-Pennell  

    Ann Merritt
    Seacoast Students
    650-5600 Ext. 3432
    Guidance Liaison- Lewis

    Brittany Pezzuti :
    504 students, Jo-Me caseload
    Testing:  ACT, SAT
    Duties:  Career assessments, bulletin boards, update Google Classroom/Facebook/Twitter/Remind, REEL Kid nomination, Shark Tank representative, work with McCune on 504s
    Guidance Liaison- McCune

    Lauri Wood
    Mi-Sc caseload
    Testing:  WIN
    Duties:  PACE coordinator, Mentoring program @ St. James Elementary, Boys/Girls State, HOBY nomination, Leadership programs, Governor School Liaison, career assessments, college/career field trip coordinator, Junior Scholars, Underclassmen Awards contact
    Guidance Liaison- McCune

    Gray Williams
    Se-Z caseload
    Testing:  CogAT
    Duties:  Career assessments, bulletin boards, update Google Classroom/Facebook/Twitter/Remind, monthly newsletters including career segments
    Guidance Liaison-Best

    Crystal Ghinis:
    Guidance Secretary
    Help maintaining cumulative folders (filing test scores, Home Language surveys, report card labels for white cards, obtaining info requested by parents, etc.), sharing employment/volunteer opportunities to students and faculty, organize all mailings, receive and route all incoming calls, coordinate student office workers, distribute senior info card to advisory, distribute and collect January graduate check out forms, schedule appointments for counselors including IGPs, send out IGP schedule to faculty weekly, create awards for school programs, perform other general office duties and clerical tasks as directed by the Guidance Director, coordinate schedule for displays during lunches

    Kathleen Reagan
    Maintain graduation file, order diplomas and verify graduates, transcript requests, new student registration and enrollment, withdrawals, requesting and sending records, maintaining cumulative folders (in house and from feeder schools and records to district office), current student registration using InfoSnap, provide information to outside agencies (attorneys, DSS, DMV, SS Disability forms), complete all purchase requisitions, foster care liaison, schedule appointments for counselors including IGPs, attend all in-services provided for this position

    Each counselor, along with their assigned administrator, will handle students on their caseload. Each entry will be logged in PowerSchool and included on the Google form.

    At Risk:                     
    Mrs. Wood will be on the “Mentoring Minnows” HSTW committee.  Each counselor will handle students on their caseload who are determined to be “at risk” and work on a graduation plan for them to be successful.

    AM Duty at the Front crosswalk:  Williams

    Lunch Duty:              
    1st Wood    2nd Pezzuti
    3rd Ferdon  4th Tubbs   Ross Float

    Ghinis ISS lunch duty from 11:00 – 11:25

    Reagan cover guidance front office daily from 11:00 – 11:25