• Mathmatics 2017 2018




    Tammy Baker
    650-5600 Ext. 2404
    20+ years teaching
    Masters in Teaching from Drexel University
    Teaching Pre-Calculus Honors all day all year

    Jennifer Barker
    650-5600 Ext. 2503
    Years teaching 22+
    Degrees earned: BS Mathematics Education, Averett University &
    M.Ed Mathematics Education Cambridge College                  
    Classes currently teaching Honors Geometry Honors Algebra 2
    Shark Tank Representative for Math Department

    Patrick Cannon 
    650-5600 Ext. 2504
    Girls & Boys Tennis Coach
    Currently Teaching Calculus Honors, AP and AB.

    Robbie Centracchio
    650-5600 Ext. 2603
    Years teaching 17+ years
    Degrees earned - Master's Degree Sport Science US Sports Academy
    Bachelors Mathematics Tennessee Tech U.
    Classes currently teaching are Probability and Statistic and Algebra 1
    Head Baseball Coach

    Barbara Coblentz
    650-5600  Ext. 3246
    Teaching 25+ Years
    Currently Teaching Algebra 2 and Algebra 3

    Kaityn Davis
    650-5600 Ext. 2502
    2017 is my first year at St. James.  I am a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina Asheville and I will graduate Coastal Carolina University December of 2017 with a MA in Education Currently Teaching Geometry and Geometry Honors
    Varsity Assistant Volleyball and Basketball Coach

    Scott Graves
    650-5600 Ext. 2604
    Over 15 Years teaching experience
    Currently teaching Algebra 1 year long

    Zachary Howard
    650-5600 Ext. 2406
    Started Teaching in spring of 2015
    Both of my Bachelors of Science are from Marshall University
    B.S. in Applied Mathematics
    B.S. in Mathematics
    Currently teaching Algebra 2
    Advisor of the Academic Team

    Katelyn Jacobs
    650-5600 Ext. 2407
    Years teaching: 5 years
    Degrees earned: BS in Education  Mathematics and BS Mathematics
    Classes currently teaching: Foundations in Algebra, Intermediate Algebra and Geometry
    Varsity Assistant Girls Soccer Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach

    Dana Lee
    650-5600  Ext. 2602
    2017 is my first year at St. James
    I have experience teaching math on the high school and college level.
    Currently Teaching Algebra 1 Year Long and Algebra 2 Honors

    Amy Macpherson, Depart. Chair
    650-5600 Ext. 2405
    Started teaching in 2007
    M.Ed. In Instructional Technology from Coastal Carolina University
    BS in Mathematics from Coker College
    Currently Teaching Geometry and Algebra 2.
    Website: www.amacgeometry.weebly.com

    Denise Noll
    650-5600 Ext. 2508
    7+ Years Teaching Experience
    Currently Teaching Algebra 2 H and Statistic H and AP Statistic
    Girls Golf Coach

    Pam Wright
    650-5600  Ext. 2605
    20+ years experience, National Board Certified
    Glenville State College 
    Teaching Algebra 1