• Science 2017 2018




    St. James High School Science Department


    The St. James High School science department consists of 12 teachers.  We range from new
    teachers to the most seasoned of veterans.  This wide range allows us to integrate the newest
    techniques and theories in education while also being able to draw from years and years of 
    time tested practices.
    We are very proud of the fact that we offer the largest variety of science courses in the district.
    This allows students to explore their personal interests in the field of science before stepping 
    out of our doors and into their futures.


    Robby Brown
    650-5600 Ext.2613

    B.S. Earth Science, Clemson University


    Block 1 - Chemistry

    Block 3 - Chemistry

    Block 4 - Chemistry

    Amanda Buck
    650-5600  Ext. 2638

    B.S., Coastal Carolina University

    M.A.T. Coastal Carolina University


    Block 1: Marine Science

    Block 2: Marine Science

    Block 3: Marine Science

    Tyler Cook
    650-5600  Ext.2634
    B.S. Environmental Science, SUNY Plattsburgh

    M.S.T. Secondary Ed., SUNY Plattsburgh

    Science Department Chair


    Block 1- Forensic Science

    Block 2- Forensic Science
    Block 3- AP Environmental Science

    Beth C. Cox
    650-5600  Ext.3334
    B.S. Biology, Presbyterian College

    M.Ed., University of South Carolina


    Block 1- Biology

    Block 2- EDUC 101

    Block 4- Biology


    Kelly Danford

    650-5600  Ext 2410

    B.A. Spanish Language and Literature

    M.A.T. Coastal Carolina University


    Block 1-Chemistry

    Block 2-Anatomy / Physiology

    Block 4-Chemistry

    Ginger Frick
    650-5600  Ext.2434
    B.A. Biology, College of Charleston


    Block 2-AP Biology

    Block 3-AP Biology

    Block 4-Biology

    Jeremy Heinold
    650-5600  Ext.2609
    B.S. Education, University of Evansville

    Boys Basketball Head Coach


    Block 1-Chemistry Honors

    Block 2-Physics Honors

    Block 3-Chemistry Honors
    Class Website


    Michael Rice
    650-5600  Ext.2418
    B.S. Biology, Coastal Carolina University

    M.A.T., Coastal carolina University

    Boys Soccer Assistant Coach


    Block 2-Biology Honors

    Block 3-Physical Science

    Block 4-Physical Science

    Kimberly Rubin
    650-5600  Ext.2414
    B.S. Biology, Coastal Carolina university

    M.A.T., Coastal Carolina University


    Block 1-Forensic Science

    Block 3-Biology II Honors

    Block 4-Forensic Science

    Hank Wortley
    650-5600  Ext.2438
    B.S. Biology, Coastal Carolina University

    M.A.T., Coastal Carolina University


    Block 1-Biology Honors

    Block 3-Biology

    Block 4-Biology


    Briana Glander

    650-5600  Ext.2335

    B.S. Biology, University of South Carolina

    M.A.T., Coastal Carolina University


    Block 2-Biology

    Block 3-Chemistry

    Block 4-Biology

    Kevin Ferry

    650-5600  Ext3334

    BS Business Administration, Ryder University

    M.A.T. Secondary Science, Coastal Carolina University

    Block 2-Chemisrty Honors

    Block 3-Biology

    Block 4-Chemistry Honors