• National Honor Society



    National Honor Society
    Club Sponsor: Ms. Hensel
    Students who meet the following criteria are invited to join the National Honor Society during the sophomore, junior and/or senior year of high school: a) cumulative GPA of 4.0 or higher weighted; b) no referrals for the 12 months prior to induction and none during membership period; and c) demonstrate leadership, good character, and community involvement (including 10 hours each of the 3 “terms” of the school year – summer, fall, spring). Eligible student GPA’s will be checked after final grades are calculated, and official invitations will be sent to those students who are deemed eligible. Once a student is a member, s/he will remain a member unless removed from the rolls for cause (see local and national by-laws) - no additional invitation will be sent to those already inducted. Transferring members are accepted but must meet the same criteria as local members.


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