• Mission/Vision



    The mission of St. James Middle School is to ensure that

    each student succeeds academically, socially, and

    emotionally through a standards-based, technologically-

    enhanced continuum of learning within a safe

    and nurturing environment.


    ...how the school will go about achieving its objectives.

    • We will establish educational programs which meet the needs of each student.
    • We will engage families and the community in the education of our students.
    • We will provide a comprehensive staff development program.
    • We will provide a safe, heath-conscious school environment.
    • We will seek the best practices available in the educational field.
    • We will provide incentives for students and staff to enhance the highest quality of success.


    ...the long-term end result which will bring the school

    closer to its mission.

    • To have each student successfully complete an individualized learning plan each year.