• Enrollment of New Dependents

    Beginning May 2, 2011, EIP will require documentation at the time of enrollment for dependents of new hires and dependents added during open enrollment or due to a special eligibility situation.

    Please be sure to submit photocopies only.

    If you do not have the required documentation, you may have to pay a fee to receive one from the governmental agency that has the original. We encourage you to request your documentation as soon as possible since this process may take several weeks and many agencies increase fees for expedited delivery.

    Legal Spouse:

    • Marriage license

    Former Spouse:

    • Photocopy of divorce decree ordering the subscriber to cover the former spouse.

    Common-Law Spouse:

    • Common-Law Marriage Affidavit

    Natural Child:

    • A copy of a birth certificate (Long Form 1) showing the subscriber as the parent.

    Step Child:

    • A copy of the birth certificate showing the name of the natural parent (Long Form 1), plus proof that the natural parent and the subscriber are married (see legal spouse/common-law spouse requirement listed above).

    Adopted Child:

    • Court documentation verifying completed adoption OR
    • A letter of placement from an adoption agency, an attorney, or the SC Department of Social Services verifying the adoption is in progress.

    Foster Child:

    • A court order or other legal document placing the child with the subscriber, who is a licensed foster parent.

    Other Children:

    • For all other children for whom a subscriber has legal custody, a court order or other legal document granting custody of the child to the subscriber. Documentation must verify the subscriber has guardianship responsibility for the child, not merely financial responsibility.

    Incapacitated Child:

    • Incapacitated Child Certification form plus proof of relationship. See the appropriate child type (natural, step, adopted, foster or other) in the above list for acceptable proof of relationship.