• Translation and Interpretation

    Horry County Schools provides interpretation and translation services for schools and departments to facilitate communication effectively with limited English speaking families. 

    Pacific Interpreters

    PACIFIC INTERPRETERS:  All schools and administrative offices in Horry County Schools have FREE access to telephonic interpretation through Pacific Interpreters.  Pacific Interpreters offers interpretation in more than 200 spoken languages and American Sign Language. 

    • Dial 1-800-264-1545
    • Pacific Interpreters’ Customer Service Agent will prompt you for the following information: You will be placed on hold briefly while PI accesses an interpreter. In most cases, you will be connected to an interpreter in less than 30 seconds                                 
      • Access Code for your Office or School **Language needed *Your NameYour Department/Office or School Name

    * If you don't know what language your visitor/caller speaks, let them talk to the Agent. The Agent should be able to identify it for you.

    ** If you need an access code to use the service, please contact the school administration or ESOL teacher in your building.

    If the non-English speaking parent is with you in person, please use the speakerphone. If the non-English speaking parent is on the phone, please use the conference hold feature or ask the Pacific Interpreters agent to arrange the call for you.

    TransACT: Horry County Schools offers FREE TransACT subscriptions for all employees. TransAct TransAct has a document library with hundreds of school-related forms translated into multiple languages.  Samples of such forms include school registration forms, field trip permissions, discipline, health/medical, etc.

    Below is a list of student languages in Horry County Schools.  Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Portuguese are the top languages in our schools.