• Comprehensive Health Education


    Title   Grade Publisher  
    Health and Fitness (Grade-Level)   K-5 Harcourt  
    Decisions for Health-Level Green   6 Holt  
    Decisions for Health-Level   7 Holt  
    Decisions for Health-Level Blue   8 Holt  
    Making a Difference   6,7,8 ETR Associates  
    Project   6,7,8 Rand Corporation  
    Glencoe Health   9-12 McGraw-Hill  
    Safer Choices   9-12 ETR Associates  
    Project TND   9-12

    Institute for Prevention Research
    University of Southern California


    Lesson Plans for Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children (14th Edition)

    Author:  Robert P. Pangrazi

    Copyright 2004

    Fitnessgram Activitygram –Test Administration Manual (3rd Edition)

    Editors: Marilu D. Meridith/Gregory J. Welk

    Copyright 2005

    Physical Best Activity Guide (3rd Edition)

    Editor:  Laura L. Borsdorf/Lois A. Boeyink

    Copyright 2011

    Go For It!  The Health South Roadshow

    Author:  Sports Medicine South Council

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