• School Improvement Council

    The vision of the SC School Improvement Council is:

    "To promote and support civic engagement for
    quality public education in South Carolina.”

     The mission of the SC School Improvement Council is:
    "To facilitate meaningful parent and community involvement
    in our state’s public schools by providing resources, tools
    and strategies to local School Improvement Councils
    and other stakeholder groups."


    SIC Members

    Principal:  Dr. Andrea Parsons


    Joshua Cutright
    Amy Gore
    Tammy Rogers
    Laura Young
    Jodi Watson


    Susan Ford-Cannon
    Scott Carroll
    Tiffany Davis
    Leslie Hewitt

    Clark Willoughby 


    Star Blevins
    Ethan Damron
    Quiston Graham
    Tess Graham
    Tamara Jackson
    Abby Marlowe


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