• Literacy


    Ensuring every child can read fluently by the end of 2nd grade and write expressively by the end of 5th grade."  -Dr. Elsberry, 2008

                Our most important academic goal for our first-grade students is to be certain each is reading on grade level.  Daily, we provide developmentally appropriate instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension through guided reading, workstations, and our core program, Imagine It!  First-grade students engage in 150 minutes of literacy instruction daily, including writing and spelling.  Guided reading is targeted and differentiated based on student performance.

                Our most important goals for our second-grade students are to solidify the ability to decode acquired in the primary grades and to equip students with strategies and skills in building vocabulary, understanding and using informational texts, and understanding and using literary texts.  Second grade students engage in 150 minutes of literacy instruction daily, including writing and spelling. Team ELA is targeted and differentiated based on student classroom performance and assessment scores.