• Service Learning

  • Child Development/3-year-old: This grade level will have a couple of blood drives for the year.
    They will also be collecting non-perishable food items for Shepard's Table in Conway.

    Kindergarten: This grade level is adopting The Conway Manor. Teachers and students will make
    Fall decorations. They also plan to make Christmas decorations, ornaments and go to Conway
    Manor to sing Christmas Carols. For Valentine’s Day the students will make Valentines and
    decorations for the residents to put up throughout their building.

    First Grade: First Grade students are being stewards of our community. They are collecting
    books to donate to the Frasier Center in Bucksport. They are also working with our Adult
    Daycare in Conway to bring them to the school to read and craft with our children. Lastly, they
    are helping with the Free Library located in downtown. They will help replenish these books
    and keep them neat.

    Second Grade: This grade level will work with news stations and emergency management to
    help students learn more about severe weather conditions. Ed Peotrowski and the Horry
    County Emergency Management will visit South Conway to share information with our
    students. They have also already collected $300 from a hat day. They will be collecting water
    bottles in the spring for the Horry County Emergency Management.

    Third Grade: Students and teachers will be working with our local electric companies. They will
    be collecting supplies to create Severe Weather Bags. They will be inviting Horry Electric to
    come and talk with the students about electricity. They will also be inviting the lineman in for a

    Fourth Grade: This grade level focuses on our school recycling program. This year students will
    take a field trip to the Landfill. We will also be collecting scraps at lunch for a compost.
    November 15th is Recycling Day.

    Fifth Grade: Fifth grade will be taking part in multiple activities. They will be conducting a Beach
    Clean-up day. They will also be working with Fostering Hope. During the spring they will collect
    snacks for a summer snack pack to give to kids that may need them.

    SPED: Project KIND: In October the school will be collecting socks for Fostering Hope. In
    November our SPED team will have breakfast to honor our Veterans. In January and February
    our school will be collecting hats and gloves for kids that need them. During March and April,
    these students will focus on animals and collecting items to donate to our animal project.