• Attendance

    Please read about important attendance policies.

    Please send in all doctor/parent notes when your child returns to school so that their attendance can be properly marked.


    A student is considered truant:

    1. After three (3) consecutive all-day absences, five (5) cumulative all-day absences, or five cumulative class absences within the same class period, which are not excused by a medical doctor's written statement, proof of bereavement, or principal's approval; or,
    2. After elementary school, the student has accumulated ten (10) or more unexcused tardy or early release days. (Note: Tardiness in middle and high schools is considered a disciplinary issue.)

    Therapy Notes 

    If a parent chooses to use a provider other than what is offered through Horry County Schools, we respectfully ask that the services be provided outside of the school day so that it will not interfere with his/her academic success. We realize that some appointments cannot be made outside of the school day; therefore, if it is absolutely necessary to remove your child from school for the therapy appointments, we strongly recommend that the days/times during the school week are alternated from week-to-week so your student is not missing large amounts of time in one particular class. Please understand that we want to work collaboratively with you to provide service for your child; however, South Carolina’s attendance requirements and truancy guidelines will be enforced. Please also understand that at no time will we excuse siblings who do not have a therapy appointment. If a student misses the same instructional time for 3 consecutive days/weeks, the therapy notes will be unexcused.


    Elementary School Students

    Please click on the links below for more information regarding student absences, tardies, and laws:

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    SC Regulation #43-274