• Future Educators Association



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    Goals: Strive to interest students in the education profession; recruit future educators with diverse ethnic, racial, social, and economic backgrounds; promote academic excellence and leadership responsibilities in students interested in teaching; enhance the quality of the school’s educational program through an appreciation of teaching and contributing to the smooth operation of the school; promote a positive image of education to students, parents, and the community and disseminate information about teaching; and encourage members to be positive role models in the school, the organization, and the community. FEA helps students explore teaching as a career option, provides them with a realistic understanding of teaching, and encourages students from diverse backgrounds to think seriously about the teaching profession. FEA is a service opportunity that elevates the role of teachers and offers new avenues of communication about education and its place in the community. FEA provides a chance for communities to “grow their own” future teachers and raises the status of the education profession in the eyes of their citizens. Members who accomplish 30 community service hours, maintain at least a 3.0 GPA, and remain actively involved will qualify for FEA NHS; open to students in Education 101/Teacher Cadet and other students by request.