• Crisis Management Information

    It is the responsibility of this school to develop a Crisis Management Plan for any foreseeable emergencies that may occur.  With that responsibility comes the realization that even the best plans cannot prevent all emergencies.  CMS is committed to providing the most comprehensive plan possible to protect the students, employees, volunteers, and visitors while at school. 

    Our objectives are:

    • Protect the safety and welfare of students, teachers, and staff;
    • Provide for a safe and coordinated respons to emergencies;
    • Protect the Districts’ facilities and properties;
    • Enable the District to restore normal conditions with minimal confusion in the shortest time possible;
    • Provide for interface and coordination between school sites, district operations and the City and County Emergency Operations Center (EOC);
    • Provide for the orderly conversion of pre-designated District sites to American Red Cross shelters, when necessary. (Taken from the Horry County Schools Crisis Management Plan, 2007)

    CMS will routinely practice Code Red drills with response and with no response.  In the event of a true emergency, parents will receive notification. 

    As always, thank you for your support as CMS continues to ensure your child’s safety.