• Counselors & Contact Information

    The Guidance Center is available to all students. All matters concerning registration, course selection, credits, records, graduation, testing, counseling services, and scheduling are processed through this office. Guidance Center office hours are 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Students may make an appointment to see their counselor before and after school, during their lunch period, during their elective classes, or during a core subject class with teacher approval. Counselors may be reached at 843-448-7149, extensions listed below.

    Counselors and students they serve by last name:

     Mr. Shuler, School Counselor

    (Serving Alpha A - D)

    Ext. 513508

    Ms. Campione, School Counselor

    (Serving Alpha E - K)

    Ext. 513512

    Ms. Byrdic, School Counselor

    (Serving Alpha L- P)

    Ext. 513509

    Mrs.  Dominguez , Lead Counselor

    (Serving Alpha Q - R)

    Ext. 513510

    Ms. Corrie, School Counselor

    (Serving Alpha S - Z)

    Ext. 513515

    Ms. Sabrina Smith,  Registrar

    Ext. 513507

    Mrs. Yvonne Dicks, Secretary

    Ext. 512511

    Mrs. Laurie Reed, Testing Assistant

    Ext 513511

    Main Number: 843-448-7149

    Guidance Fax: 843.445.2043