• The parking application is done in person in the bookkeeper's office. You must bring your license plate number and your driver's license. 
    Regulations:1. All school rules shall apply in all vehicles and parking areas.2.  Vehicles parked on campus without a permit displayed from the rear-view mirror will be ticketed and possibly towed at the owner’s expense.  Warnings will not be given.3.  Tardiness to school or leaving without permission may result in the loss of driving privileges.4.  Taking other students off campus without permission from either administration or attendance may result in the loss of driving privileges.  5.  Students should enter and exit the parking lot in an orderly fashion and at specified entrances only.  Driving over sidewalks or barriers may result in the loss of driving privileges.  No warnings will be given.6.  All cars are to be parked on the pavement within your designated parking space and in the student lot ONLY.7.  Students are to observe good driving habits and maintain a safe speed.8.  Respect and observe all directives of AHS faculty and security personnel.9.  Students are not allowed to access the student parking lot during the school day.  This is considered an unauthorized area. This includes (for example) returning to your vehicle to retrieve "forgotten" items for school.10.  Students should not loiter in the parking lot. Upon arrival, students will park, lock their vehicle, and enter the building in a timely manner. Upon dismissal from school, students not participating in after school activities should leave the parking lot immediately.11.  No loud music or vulgar lyrics are allowed.12. Failure to abide by all school and parking lot guidelines will result in the loss of driving privileges as well as disciplinary action.13. If you lose your parking permit, you must notify our bookkeeper, Ms. Chandler, immediately.14. If you drive any other car other than what is on file, you must see our bookkeeper, Ms. Chandler.  If you purchase a new car,  you must update the information with Ms. Chandler.  Failure to do so may result in a fine.15. You are not authorized to allow anyone else to park in your spot. You may not loan your parking permit or sell your parking permit. AHS parking permits are non-transferrable. Selling your parking permit will result in the confiscation of the parking permit and forfeiture of parking rights for all parties involved.16.  If you withdraw from AHS or graduate in January, please return your parking pass to our bookkeeper, Ms. Chandler.
    17.  Parking decals must be displayed from the vehicle's rear view mirror, so security officers can monitor and inspect while patrolling campus.
    18. All vehicles parked on campus must have a current state issued license plate.  No off road vehicles, etc. are allowed to park on campus.
    ~Parking passes are $30.  All fees must be paid or cleared prior to purchasing or being issued a parking pass.