• HCS Re-Opening Task Force  

    HCS used the summer months to focus on the return of students and teachers in the fall. Because of the many variables impacting returning to school in a pandemic, a Re-opening Task Force was formed and several sub-committees were created to identify and plan for needs which we hope have addressed pandemic concerns as well as challenges that are unique to Horry County Schools.

    In addition to district staff and principals; teachers, parents, and students joined our staff members in addressing the challenges facing us in the following areas:

    • Public Health & Safety
    • School Operations & Logistics
    • Teaching & Learning
    • Equity & Family Needs
    • Social-emotional Health

    Each subcommittee member dedicated a significant amount of time in reading plans from other states and districts, understanding the SC AccelerateED recommendations, and discussed the implications of proposals in their areas of understanding and/or expertise.

    As a part of developing a comprehensive plan, we created surveys which gave us a better understanding of how our stakeholders think our instruction/campuses should look when we open schools again. One survey went to parents which gave us insight on how they feel about various educational models that may be implemented for students. We also surveyed our teachers because the success of our instructional models will rely heavily on their expertise and support. Again, there were many factors to consider as we contemplated making decisions for the upcoming school year.

    In closing, we are proud of the work that our employees have done during this pandemic, and we are certain that through the exhaustive research and collaboration of these committee members, we will be prepared to the fullest extent possible for the challenges that lie ahead next school year.