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    Methods of Instructional Delivery/Parental Choices

    All HCS parents/guardians will be given the opportunity to select between in-person school or virtual school (at-home) for their child prior to the start of school. Planning for the 2020-21 school year presents unprecedented challenges including, but not limited to, preparing for unpredictable health concerns and mandatory safety guidelines, providing instruction to meet student and family needs, and maximizing all available resources. 

    Option 1: Full-time K-12 Virtual Model
    Learn more about the Full-time HCS K-12 Virtual Model 

    Option 2: Hybrid Instructional Model
    Learn more about the Hybrid Instructional Model

    HCS is looking at the below three scenarios for the Hybrid Instructional Model to ensure the safety of our students and employees.

  • 1 - Low Spread


    Full-Time Face-to-Face Instruction

    • Students will participate in a full-time face-to-face traditional model of
    instruction (five days a week).

  • 2 - Medium Spread


    Limited Face-to-Face Instruction

    • Students will participate in a combination of face-to-face and distance learning while practicing enhanced safety and health precautions.

    • Students will attend in-school face-to-face sessions 2-days a week on assigned days and engage in distance learning on others.

    • Students will be placed into groups: Group A, Group B, and *Group G. By dividing students into groups, fewer students will be attending school on a given day, and social distancing can be maintained in the classroom and throughout the school.

  • 3 - High Spread


    Full-Time Distance Learning

    • Students will participate in full-time distance learning.

    • Students’ assigned teachers will provide instruction and assignments through a district-supported learning system (i.e., Google Classroom, and/or Seesaw) and communicate through digital tools.

    • Students will be required to attend virtual class sessions on a regular basis and may be required to view instructional videos or join streaming class sessions during the week.

  • This will be implemented by HCS based upon the county’s disease spread which is determined by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Disease Activity Guidance Reports. The ultimate goal is to transition smoothly back to full-time face-to-face instruction as soon as health and safety conditions allow.

  • Five-day Hybrid Instructional Model Schedule

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