• Please use the form below to request a meeting with your guidance counselor. We will be in touch with you through your school email as soon as possible.

    • Caroline Ross-  Director: Students with IEP’s
    • Elaina Tubbs - (A-De)
    • Kelli Schwartzkopf - (Di-Ji) 
    • Brittany Pezzuti - (Jo-Me) Students with 504’s 
    • Lauri Wood - ( Mi-Sc) 
    • Gray Williams - (Se-Z) 
    • Ann Merritt - Seacoast

    If this is an emergency (you are in danger or someone else is in potential danger) and after school hours , please call the police or dial 911.

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) 

     Click here for the Google Form 

    Thanks and have a great day!