• The application priority deadline is April 30, 2021. Please be aware any application received after this date, we cannot guarantee there will be spots in the PACE courses.

     Step 1: Get application, either pick up a packet in Guidance or see the attached application.

     Step 2: Gather and complete the documents and upload them to the Google form: https://forms.gle/1eFaM9r4AJYKy9UT9

     When trying to access the Google Form the student must be logged into their school email, other emails will not be able to access the link

     Step 3: Also complete the HGTC application at hgtc.edu/pace/apply


    Program for Accelerated College Enrollment (PACE) provides opportunities for qualified high school seniors to get a head start on college by taking college credit courses that will also meet high school graduation requirements. PACE college courses are a valuable opportunity for students that will require personal responsibility and commitment to ensure success. PACE grades are included in the student’s high school GPA/Rank and will be weighted as Dual Credit/Advanced Placement (AP) in accordance with the SC Uniform Grading Scale. Failure to complete these courses with a “C” or better may result in a lower overall GPA and ineligibility or loss of financial aid later on. In addition, PACE grades will appear on the student’s college transcript and are important to their overall college GPA.  Students will be responsible for completing all parts of the online application and providing supporting documentation.

    If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Williams @ JWilliams006@horrycountyschools.net


    Advantages of the PACE Program 

    • Earn credits now that apply to high school and college degree requirements;
    • Reduce the course load during your college freshman and sophomore years, improving your ability to meet and maintain the “B” average required for LIFE or other scholarships;
    • Provide a smooth transition from high school to the academic demands of college;
    • Boost your high school GPA/Class Rank;
    • Improve your SAT scores;
    • Guarantee college credit with successful course completion in one semester. 
    • Reduce overall college costs significantly.

    Who is Eligible?

    High school juniors and seniors may be eligible, based on parent permission, guidance counselor approval and meeting HGTC placement requirements. Guidance Counselors also consider high school performance, including overall GPA, in recommending students for the PACE program. Each prospective PACE student must complete the PACE Online Application.

    Permission is required for all high school students to enroll in PACE courses. PACE dual credit allows students to enroll in University Parallel courses for college credit, as well as high school credit. Students who take these courses are earning credits towards high school graduation requirements and also obtain college credit. These courses are taken during the normal school operational hours and will affect high school GPA.


    HGTC Contact Information

    Ann Reed Springs
    PACE Program Director
    (843) 477-2064

    Hope Wofford
    Dual Enrollment Director
    (843) 477-2097


    The following scores are required to take PACE classes.



    Prior to PACE classes beginning, students will need to:

    • Purchase textbooks at the campus bookstore if textbooks are not provided by their high school guidance counselor.
    • Obtain an HGTC Student ID and parking decal if attending classes on the HGTC campus or are taking classes online. Students must bring their Student ID “H” number included in the PACE acceptance letter along with a photo ID on a driver’s license or state issued ID to obtain their campus ID.  Students must bring their vehicle registration, and driver’s license to obtain a decal.  Student ID's & parking decals may be obtained on any HGTC campus between 8am-5pm, Monday - Thursday during the summer months.
    • TECH Central & Public Safety Hours:
      Monday-Thursday 7:45 am- 5 pm and Fridays 8 am - 12:30 pm
      Technical Assistance with your WaveNet Log In information (password) or D2L contact at 843-349-TECH (8324)
      Email: techcentral@hgtc.edu
      Text: 843-357-8552


    Important Documents & Information: