Computers are available for student use in computer labs, classrooms and in the media center.  However, before a student can use any device, the student and parent must sign the Policy for Student Use of Computers/Digital Device, which is given out during the first week of school.

    Students will be assigned a digital device for school use only.  If a student owes technology fees or has a device from the previous year(s), they will not be issued a device.  Please contact OBMS.  Students who have paid their technology fee will be able to take their device home.  The student will be personally responsible for their device throughout the school day and at home.  Parents/Guardians may decline this assignment of a digital device.

    The technology fee “digital device insurance” can be purchased to help alleviate the cost of the student’s device if damaged. 

    Consequences may be issued to students due to misuse of their district issued devices.