• PTSO Contact Information


    23-24 PTSO Officers: 

    Nadine Trentini, President                                            Myriam Bradshaw, Vice President

    305-833-1772                                                                  843-360-3766


    Alison Doughty, Treasurer                                                   Kristin Mayhew, Secretary

    843-251-4314                                                                  843-283-2732


    Jimmy Mahaffey, Assistant Treasurer

  • The Scholars Academy (SA) PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) is an organization made up of parents, teachers, and students who work together as a team to enrich and improve the educational environment and experiences at the Scholars Academy.  The purpose of the PTSO at the Scholars Academy is to help support programs such as:

    • Staff appreciation events
    • Family social events and community activities
    • Promoting and supporting extracurricular activities and clubs
    • Financial support for end-of-year promotion events


    It is not necessary to attend the PTSO meetings; just pay your membership fee and join!  Your donations are what helps keep the Scholars Academy going strong.

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