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    How do you define success?  This is different for everyone, but the most successful people think not only about themselves but also about the organizations to which they belong.  School is a very important organization in the lives of our students, teachers, staff members, parents, community members, and volunteers.  School is the space through which leaders and tomorrow's workforce develop the social, emotional, and academic skills that lead to individual, organizational, and community success.

    As your principal, I am responsible to ensure that each one of my students has the opportunity to flourish as an individual and as a member of our school community.  I encourage each one of you to embrace the learning opportunities offered each class period by your teachers - they work diligently to prepare effective lessons based on standards and data.  I encourage each one of you to embrace the opportunities offered to you to "belong" to your Genius Hour group, your Hawk Time group, and to any extra-curricular club, team, or organization that may be of interest to you.  I encourage each one of you to let your voice be heard - I listen to my students.  Email me (jchristy@horrycountyschools.net), stop and see me, complete our surveys, text me (843-424-0724) - I want to hear your thoughts about how we can make our school the very best environment possible.  I want MBMS to be a place where young people thrive.  

    Just as I want to hear your voice, I want you to hear mine.  I expect the following:

    1) Be kind to one another - demonstrate respect for every person in our school; keep your hands to yourself and filter the words that you choose to vocalize. 

    2) Engage in learning - if you choose to disrupt a teacher, you are choosing to disrupt the education of every student in the classroom.  This is 100% unacceptable. 

    3) Slow down and make good choices - safety is our first priority - each one of us must choose to keep our school safe at all times. 

    4) Read - I expect everyone to be working toward a 1200L.  I know that people who read well can accomplish just about anything. You are expected to graduate high school, on time, and then to follow the college or career path of your choice.  You simply must be able to read on a 1200L.  

    Make this year the best, most successful year ever; let the adults around you at school and at home help you.  


    Janice Christy

Dr. Janice Christy picture